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   Chapter 1134 Extra Story 24 Of Charlie It's Sacred To Develop A Habit

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Ever since she started schooling and as far as she could remember, Elsa never had problems with the school like what she was suffering now. Hundreds of people came to see Charlie, but because of his words, what he had said shifted the attention from him towards Elsa. More than half of Charlie's followers looked at her frequently, not out of admiration for her, but of jealousy and anger. Judging from his reputation, most of Charlie's fans were girls and they were updated as to what was latest with Charlie's life and Elsa doesn't make them that happy. With all the hassle, she thought her life was in trouble again after being dumped by Allen.

After class, Charlie put away his papers and wanted to leave the classroom immediately. However, he seemed to not to notice about Elsa's feeling. He walked towards her and said intimately, "Elsa, at six this evening." A faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. It was like the sun in spring, which people were obsessed with. "I will wait for you downstairs in your dormitory building."

With that, he stood up slowly. Everyone inside the classroom had their eyes on them and Charlie wasn't bothered by their stares at all. Preparing to leave, he looked at Elsa's shock expression and chuckled gently. The rays of the afternoon sun went through the glass window and cast a glow on his face. Looking at him with the sunlight in his background, one could say that he seemed to have a halo, angelic and magical at the same time. Then he turned and left with their dreams.

With Charlie gone, the classroom went silent, Elsa did not know how to react. Then out of a sudden, somebody shouted suddenly, "Elsa, come on, quickly......" With her reverie being interrupted, she was pulled compulsorily and ran out of the classroom.

The noise came from the corridors. Students from the nearby classrooms saw blankly three girls who were outrunning another group of girls. The scenario was like a scene in an action movie. It was like the officers were running after some thief.

"Elsa, stop--"

The sharp voice was from outside of their dormitory room. Elsa, Ann, and Olivia were taking a deep breath because of running fast. It took them a long time to catch their breath.

Anna was on he

. Moreover, it was also said that Elsa was "blackmailed" by Charlie. "Seriously, don't you know Charlie before? I mean before that day when he saved you?"

Curious this time, Ann leaned over to ask Elsa too, her eyes were ablaze because of the gossips, "Hey, you really don't know him?"

Hearing their questions, Elsa looked blank, thought about it over seriously and then shook her head. Her expressions showed that she didn't really know Charlie.

Knowing the answer to her question, Ann sat straightly again, stirring her food with her spoon. She said while curling her lips, "Well...... If I could have dinner with Charlie, I can die for him, whether I know him or not."

"Go to hell Ann!" Hearing how inconsiderate she was, Anna rolled her eyes, and they began talking and laughing totally ignoring the fuss that was around them.

Time passed so fast and they hadn't noticed that it was now time for their afternoon classes. For today's schedule, Elsa had only one class in the morning and another one in the afternoon. She prayed that evening would never come. However, no matter how hard she prayed or wished for it, what she wanted was just impossible.

Just before dusk, Charlie was already downstairs in the dormitory building. He leaned against the tree lazily, with his hands in his pockets. He got his tie off a little, and loosen two top buttons on his shirt. The breeze blew the lofty willows, as well as his thick black bangs, showing a slight scar above his left eye.

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