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   Chapter 1133 Extra Story 23 Of Charlie Memory And Reality

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Elsa screamed, suddenly sitting up straight on her bed. Gasping for air, she woke up in cold sweat and heard someone expressing deep annoyance.

"Elsa, are you crazy? What is going on with you?" Her roommate, as well as her classmate, Olivia Xu was worried about her. She had been calling Elsa's name to wake her up, but she wasn't responding, until now, when she jumped up, screaming out loud, all of a sudden.

"She is crazy." Anna walked out from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her wet hair and glimpsed at Elsa. "She's been spending too much time in those games."

Olivia Xu rolled her eyes at Elsa. "Indeed! You need to take a break from that game! If it weren't for that stupid game you and Allen might have still been together. He wouldn't have dumped you for another woman as well."

Although, Olivia Xu's harsh words would have affected anyone else, Elsa had no expression on her face. It seemed as though she was still trapped in her dream.

"Get up now!" Olivia Xu was clearly frustrated. "Do you even know what time it is right now? Are you still going to class? Don't forget, the teacher today is... Brutal Witch!"

While Olivia Xu was speaking, someone suddenly rushed into the room. It was Ann Zhang, their other roommate. Her sudden intrusion finally woke Little Bun from her stupor.

"Ahh... Elsa, how come you are still sleeping?" For some reason, she looked like she had some very important news to impart. "So apparently today Brutal Witch is bringing an assistant teacher with her.

Oh my goodness!" Stomping her feet in excitement, she curbed her enthusiasm, but the glow in her eyes was unfettered. "I can't wait for the class! Her assistant is Charlie! Ahh!"

"What? Charlie?" Without a conscious thought, Elsa looked at Ann Zhang with a look of apparent surprise. "Why is Charlie Long coming to our school?"

The girls were rendered speechless.

Suffice it to say, they weren't on the same page. Perhaps Little Bun hadn't fully recovered from her dream.

"Elsa, I think you've been sleeping too much." Ann Zhang winked at her and giggled. "Which Charlie are you talking about? Because the Charlie I mentioned... He is a year senior from us, Charlie Xia. He is going to be the Brutal Witch's assistant!"

Finally, Elsa came back to reality. Elsa's lips twitched, as she sensed the irritation of her friends. With a puzzled look on her face, she scampered into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face.

It had been a long time since she dreamed of Charlie Long. 'Why did he come into my dream again?' she wondered. Suddenly, she felt an alarmingly cold breeze brush past her and she immediately stopped brushing to look around. 'Perhaps I haven't recovered from the dream yet, ' she thought.

The Brutal Witch was the professor of Public Relations. She was 38 years old, but still single. Her fashion sense, or

wicked smile, he stopped in front of Elsa. Although, his maintained a low voice, the people around Elsa managed to catch what he said. "Didn't you sleep well last night?"

Immediately, Elsa blushed red. She raised her face and peered into Charlie's eyes. Soon after, she found herself trapped in his captivating eyes, deep as the ocean. Stuck in a daze, she nodded a few times.

For some inexplicable reason, she felt as though that the man in front of her was Silent Sorrow. Before going offline, she remembered him saying, "Sweet Dream, sweet dreams!" Could it be a coincidence?

Abruptly she woke up from her thoughts and saw Charlie snickering at her. "Charlie... Now..."

She whipped her head to the left and then to the right. She noticed the countless eyes that had shifted their attention from Charlie to her, looking to burn her alive on the spot. "Now.. We are having a lesson!" she managed to say.

There was a strange glimmer in his eyes, which caught her attention. It felt like there was something he wasn't telling her. Slowly, he leaned forward and whispered, "Don't forget, I have time today!"

Then quickly glancing over her once more he turned around and walked to the podium, where he was supposed to be, leaving Elsa in a shock. Acting as if nothing had happened just now, he announced calmly, "The class starts now. Today's topic of discussion is the behavior... You might have already known, that in our present society..."

Elsa stared at the man giving the lecture, who seemed to be composed and amiable. The longer she looked at Charlie, the more she thought about the other Charlie. She felt as though she had returned to her terrifying dream where she was cruelly bullied by Charlie Long.

Suddenly, she realized that she was going to get bullied by the students after class, most likely by the "Charlie Only Society", because of the attention she had received from Charlie today.

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