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   Chapter 1132 Extra Story 22 Of Charlie Memory And Reality

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[Present] Silent Sorrow: Everyone who wants to attend the wedding, will have to pay me 1, 000 Ingot as a wedding gift.

After the announcement, waves of complaints from angry players poured in. "Silent Sorrow, when other people get married, they give Ingot or Gold to the attendants of the wedding as gifts. How come things are the other way around here?"

The wedding in the game was certainly a great opportunity for Dragon to earn money from the players. There were a number of exclusive items associated with wedding, including "Proposal", which was required for one to propose to the another player, and other forms of tokens of love, such as "Three-life Stone", which signaled perpetual love for three lives. All in all, as long as the player was willing to spend money, he or she could have the most fabulous wedding in the game to catch the eyes of the other players. Silent Sorrow was definitely one of the richest players in the game.

He invited every player to the ceremony and treated them with a giant feast. Within 48 hours, their experience growth doubled. And there was an increment of 15% chance to obtain the highest grade item after slaying a monster or even a boss. Most importantly, all the red marked names would turn white again. One table could serve 10 players and it cost 5, 200 Ingot per table.

[Friend] Sweet Dream: Silent Sorrow, let's keep it simple...

As Silent Sorrow squandered an enormous amount of money on their wedding, Elsa felt heartbroken. 'If you really have so much money, please give me some. Don't spend them all!' she cried to herself. The Little Bun felt that it was a waste of money to treat everyone at the wedding. After all, she only had a limited amount of money that she could spend every month. She had to carefully plan every bill she had to pay. As someone who needed to save some money to enjoy her life from time to time, she couldn't accept the way Silent Sorrow spent his money. How she wished that she could just seize all the money he had spent frivolously in the game!

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: Darling... Wow! We have our private channel! I feel so shy!

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: ...

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: Hey, Silent Sorrow, this is just a game. I'm sure you have a lot of money, but I still don't want you to spend so


"Charlie, we..."

"Only I have the right to bully her!" Charlie cut them short. "If... If I ever see any of you bothering her again, the consequences..." He paused deliberately to add suspense. As the boys lowered their heads and fell into silence, Charlie continued, "The consequences will be too much for you to bear. I give you my word."

The boys quickly picked up their bags and ran away as soon as Charlie gestured at them with his hand.

Lips pursed and both eyes swollen red, Elsa tried very hard to suppress her tears. She felt utterly dejected. 'Why is everyone doing this to me? Why is everyone treating me so unfairly?'

A hint of remorse flashed across Charlie's eyes when he saw how pitiful Elsa was. Squatting down, he took off his coat and put it over her shoulders. "I'll take you to the doctor!"

Then, without waiting for Elsa to reply, he put his arms around her waist and lifted her up before talking her to the nearest clinic.

When those scenes from her memories replayed in her mind, Elsa couldn't stop smiling. Charlie was quite tall for his age. In fact, he was about 1.7 m, despite the fact that he was still just in primary school. On top of that, he had long flowing locks that framed his handsome face. All of a sudden, Charlie's handsome face became distorted in her dream. His eyes were bloodshot and a dark layer of fog started to envelop him... It was similar to the way Dark Wizard transformed into his devil form. To say he looked frightening would be an understatement!

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