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   Chapter 1131 Extra Story 21 Of Charlie Memory And Reality

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"Great idea!" replied Charlie.

That marked the end of the brainstorming process. Since Charlie was the one who came up with the idea, the other employees did not waste time questioning his vision. Instead, they devoted their time to craft a meticulous plan so that the merge would go smoothly.

It was just after 5 pm when the meeting finally ended. After bidding farewell to his colleagues, Charlie drove from the Flight Media's A City Branch back to the mansion. When he arrived, Addison was already gone. Only Evelyn was home, rolling around on the couch, bored out of her mind. The moment she saw Charlie, she sprang back to life in an instant and rushed towards him.

"Have you eaten already?" Charlie caressed Evelyn's hair softly.

Pouting her lips and shaking her head, she grumbled, "Addison promised that he would stay for dinner. Then guess what happened? He just disappeared after receiving a phone call. Can you believe it?"

"He must be really bust. Let's be considerate, okay?" Evelyn, however, was still pouting and a sly grin appeared on her face. Charlie knew her so well, and he instantly grasped what she was thinking. Smiling helplessly, he said, "Fine. I'll cook for you, okay?"

After seeing Evelyn bob her head up and down with satisfaction, Charlie went to the kitchen to whip up some dinner. Before long, he brought four dishes and a bowl of soup on a tray and placed them nicely on the table.

Sometimes Evelyn wondered why Addison and Charlie were such capable adults, while all she was good at was eating. Why couldn't she do anything else? Why was she so witless as compared to others in the Long Family! Why didn't she inherit any of smart genes? Could it be that she inherited all the "stupid" genes from her mother while her brothers inherited the "smart" genes from their father?

"Okay. By the way, are you going to marry her in the game tonight?" asked Evelyn, while she fed herself non-stop.

Charlie simply nodded and said, "Yes..."

Then they started to talk about the game. It was Evelyn who spoke most of the time, while Charlie just listened attentively. However, being the considerate brother that he was, Charlie showed no sign of impatience or boredom on his face. From time to time, he would chime in with a reply and then let her continue.

"Oh right," Evelyn suddenly thought of something, "Are you going to take Elsa to the Gu's Corporations' anniversary ce

tantly fell silent. All other players stopped sending messages, as they sensed that Marshmallow had triggered Legendary Past. According to history, when Legendary Past was angered, the entire Dragon Yelling To The Sky was sure to be affected.

The discussions on the World channel didn't stop someone from abducting his Little Bun. After she accepted the proposal, she found her character being teleported to the Matchmaker in the Lover Valley. Moreover, her blue dress was instantly transformed into a red wedding dress.

[Present] Worldly Rose: Wow! Look at that Equinox Flower wedding dress! So shiny!

There weren't any big changes to the clothes of Silent Sorrow, but the bride's wedding dress was simply impressive. The entire gown was like an Equinox Flower, layers going over layers. Each layer had a vibrant shade of red, which, when put together, created an incredible sight to behold. With the addition of a tiny Equinox Flower to the hair of Sweet Dream, the smallest touch-up contributed to her beauty in the grander scale. She was absolutely breathtaking. It was almost as if a real person was standing in that valley.

[Present] Dangerous Beauty: If you like it so much, I can buy you one!

[Present] Worldly Rose: Fuck you! Away! I'm not interested in you!

The wedding attracted a lot of players to the map, who kept sending their blessings in messages. Most of them, however, were talking about the shockingly gorgeous wedding gown that Sweet Dream was wearing. They all stopped gossiping and paid attention when Silent Sorrow said, "This wedding gown is unique for the entire server!"

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