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   Chapter 1130 Extra Story 20 Of Charlie Memory And Reality

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Under the extreme duress Anna subjected her to, Elsa finally told her version of the story. Oddly enough, even she sounded confused about what actually happened yesterday. Anna's heart hung in the air while she was listening attentively. After all, the story was simply mind-boggling.

"Elsa," Anna said with a caring look, "were you truly third wheeling in others' relationship?"

Clenching her teeth in anger, Elsa defended herself, "Not me! Definitely not me!"

Then, as if nothing was wrong, she turned on the computer and clicked on the "Dragon" icon. As she kept looking over the loading bar, she was surprised by a sudden realization. 'Why am I in such a hurry to open the game? What am I doing?'

Feeling concerned over Elsa's blatant ignorance, Anna said, "Elsa... Are you going to go for that 'Silent Sorrow' to console yourself?" Elsa continued to ignore her with a blank look on her face. Although her eyes were on the screen, she seemed to be lost in deep thought. Anna sighed, "Elsa, I didn't think you and Allen would be able to make it to the end, but I knew you liked him. I know it's normal to experience a number of relationships before you eventually find your true love. But, please, take my advice. Don't indulge yourself in any relationship, or else, I promise that you will be the one that gets hurt in the end."

Elsa turned her head around to look at Anna. Her mouth dropped in a gape, failing to find the words to respond with. "You have broken up seven times. Will the eighth be your lucky number, your 'true love'?"


Anna felt as though she had been struck by lightning!

"Fine." Anna shook her head in disbelief. "You win!" Elsa's lack of empathy rendered her speechless. Frustrated, she smiled bitterly, cursing in her heart, 'Elsa, I was talking about you! You didn't need to pass judgment on me like that!'

Anna realized that there was no point trying to talk sense to Elsa, so she went back to her own desk and turned on her computer. She clicked on the "Dragon" icon and logged into a different server called "Dragon Leaping Over The Wind", which was just as big as "Dragon Yelling To The Sky".

Elsa sensed Anna's dolefulness in appearance and attitude. Pursing her lips, she turned to

e. In fact, the most dedicated players had more or less explored everything in the game, so the game had lost its element of surprise.

The team fell silent after hearing what Charlie had just said. They knew he was telling the truth, but to solve this issue... They couldn't think of anything creative that could give the game a boost.

Scanning everyone's forlorn face briskly, he took a deep breath and bit the bullet. "Merge the servers!"

Gasps of shock and disbelief filled the room as soon as the words left his mouth.

"Sir," a girl in the development team asked, "which servers do you plan to merge?" She shook her legs under the table, involuntarily, anticipating to hear something shocking.

And Charlie delivered as expected...

"Dragon Yelling and Dragon Leaping!" The bomb Charlie dropped just now exploded in their hearts.

Suddenly, the sound of incoherent mutterings filled the room as everyone glanced at each other in disbelief. Those two were the largest servers of the game. Setting aside the minor issues with the merge, there were some huge obstacles they would have to address before they could go on with the merge.

"Awesome!" The girl snapped her finger. "That's brilliant! By merging two of the largest servers into one enormous server, we will be creating the biggest gaming server in the country. Players are going to flock from everywhere to try out the new virtual world! I think we can open up a new channel in the server after the merge as well!"

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