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   Chapter 1129 Extra Story 19 Of Charlie Cornered Into Marriage By Sorrow's All-Out Proposal

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At the bank of the Lethe River, players who had fallen were being baptized. Fiery-red Equinox Flowers were swaying in the calm wind. Players who belonged to the Dark Wizard clan did not need to resurrect after falling down here. They could go back after receiving the baptism at the Lethe River. But players belonging to other races had to either wait for death or survived using a Resurrection Rune.

Passing through the swaying Equinox Flowers, the two of them stood in front of a girl dressed in a blood red voile.

[Equinox Flower] Acracholia has been giving rise to hatred since the ancient times. Have you come here to take the wedding dress?

Elsa stared at the scene, but remained still and kept silent. Sorrow chatted with the NPC until the so-called Equinox Flower wedding dress appeared in their backpacks.

[Equinox Flower] There is a beautiful legend regarding the Peach Blossom Forest. The Dragon City is a place where you can wash off the sins of you and your beloved ones. Now that you are getting married, would you like to visit?

The Yes or No option appeared on their screens at the same time. Elsa clicked on the Yes button without any hesitation and a streak of red light flashing across the screen. A message said—'The game map is being switched. Please wait for a few seconds.'

The Peach Blossom Forest was covered in snow in the blink of an eye. A gust of wind swept through the forest, and the peach petals danced in the air. They flew around with the white snow.

[Friend] Sweet Dream: Wow... This is so beautiful!

Charlie smiled slightly when he saw her message, then his gaze softened.

It was a winter day when he had prepared to leave. He had seen his Little Bun standing in the snow, looking up at the peach tree. It was his last memory before his departure. He had wondered if she would be happier without him... Would she be more relaxed without him around? But the look in his eyes as he left always appeared in his dreams.

The Peach Blossom Forest on the Illusory Mount was visible to everyone in the game, but no one was able to get there so far. There was no introduction about the Peach Blossom Forest in the official website. It was just a scenery. So, the players did not pay much attention to it.


nce Allen had broken up with her. But she already felt her life was spinning out of control.

Charlie was apparently the prince charming of their university. She didn't really care for it, but...

Turning around, her eyes fell on Charlie's back. He wasn't wearing his school uniform today. He was in a water blue t-shirt and white casual pants. He looked so cool. Evelyn was wearing a water blue knee-length dress. They were well-matched.

Her heart missed a beat, she felt lonely all of a sudden. Elsa withdrew her sight from him and looked away in pain.

"Elsa... Tell me! How did you get acquainted with him?" Anna asked. "Besides, does Allen know about this?"

They walked away together. When their voices had almost disappeared, Allen came out of the willow by the side and looked at Elsa's saddened back with dim eyes.

Looking at Allen's hurt expression, Rita hummed coldly. She had tracked down the IP address of a particular player in Dragon with help from some experts. She sneered inside and said, "Allen, come on... Daddy is waiting for us."

Allen pulled back his attention to Rita. Though he had other disturbing thoughts in his mind, he calmly walked out of the campus with her.

Rita deliberately circled her arms around Allen's, which attracted a lot of attention from the passers-by. She turned around to look at Elsa's disappearing back. Her mouth curled up into a cold smile and her eyes flashed cruelty.

'Elsa, I had vowed to take revenge on you sooner or later


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