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   Chapter 1128 Extra Story 18 Of Charlie Cornered Into Marriage By Sorrow's All-Out Proposal

Love Crisis By Changdu Characters: 7582

Updated: 2019-08-03 00:33

[Friend] Legendary Past: I truly want to vomit. Charlie, I can't believe that you said those disgusting words!

[Friend] Valiant Life: Damn it, just broadcast some more messages. You'll go bankrupt sooner or later.

[Friend] LOL: Brother, I salute your valor!

[Friend] Sweet Dream: ...

[Friend] Sweet Dream: I'm begging you not to do this!

[Speaker] Silent Sorrow: We never had profound feelings for each other, but now we have to say goodbye to each other. Sweet Dream, goodbye!

I will see you at Yama's Palace. Charlie had a secret smile on his face as he gained control of his character. Elas gazed on the screen, and saw only Silent Sorrow standing at the edge and his white robe swaying in the wind. Before she could say anything else, he jumped off Illusory Mount!

"NO!!" Elsa screamed. The magazine in Anna's hand fell to the ground as she jumped, startled by Elsa's cry. She stared blankly at her friend, who was at the edge of panic. Her eyes darted to the computer screen and saw the Game Interface. Anna rolled her eyes, "Elsa, we had only been separated for one day and you are already possessed by the devil?"

"Oh God! Silent Sorrow has jumped off Illusory Mount!" Elsa was on the verge of tears, but honestly, she just didn't have any more tears to shed. She didn't know who exactly she was talking to—herself or to Anna. "What should I do?"

Anna grimaced. She replied with a light snort, "Why don't you just jump after him?"

Without thinking, Elsa did exactly that. She jumped after him, her blue dress fluttering in the wind.

Charlie looked at the figure lying beside his character's feet, and a bright smile appeared on his face. 'Elsa, I was waiting for you. Thank you for coming.'

[Friend] Sweet Dream: Sorrow, you are alive?!

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: But you seem dead.

[Friend] Sweet Dream: ...

Elsa couldn't find the right words to express her feelings at that moment. How much she regretted her stupidity. She just realized what she had done. She had forgotten who Silent Sorrow was. As was known to all, Silent Sorrow, The Master was a wealthy player. So, strolling about the nether world was just part of his daily gaming life. But unlike him, she was poor!

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: I was waiting for you h

else. The price of that stone is 521314 Ingots. If you reject the proposal, you will have to pay me back. Make a choice. Yes...? Or no?

'Oh shit! I did not ask you to buy it!'

Elsa cursed Silent Sorrow. She cursed the Game of Dragon! 'Damn it, a single proposal prop in a game is worth tens of thousands? And these crazy people are actually buying it!'

She thought about it for a while. At last, Elsa yielded. She clicked on the 'Yes' button.

[System] Player Sweet Dream has accepted the proposal of Silent Sorrow. Sweet Dream has received the Three-life Stone.

World burst into an uproar with lots of congratulations and good wishes for the new couple. Along with it, came the usual curses and jealous messages. Elsa was now so used to these comments that she treated it with an attitude that said—'it's none of my business.' And anyway, she felt like no words could really express her helpless feelings. She was forced to make this decision.

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: I want to take you to the Peach Blossom Forest to thank you for accepting my proposal. Would you come with me?

[Friend] Sweet Dream: Sorrow, it is up to you... I am lacking the ability to think right now.

[System] Player Silent Sorrow wants to walk with you hand-in-hand. Yes or No?

What a humanized design Dragon's System had! Elsa sighed and clicked on the Yes button. After Silent Sorrow took her hand, she did not need to do anything. She clicked on the Follow button and let Silent Sorrow take her for the walk.

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