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   Chapter 1127 Extra Story 17 Of Charlie Cornered Into Marriage By Sorrow's All-Out Proposal

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7503

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The rising mist in the bathroom outlined his robust body inside the glass door of the shower.

Charlie squeezed out some shampoo from the expensive bottle and applied it slowly on his wet hair. He rubbed it in with his fingertips for a while, till white foams appeared all over his black hair. He looked like a hot model under the hazy lights. Charlie was tall and had wheat skin. He had a straight stomach which was adorned with a six pack abs which ended with an inverted triangle, highlighting the manliness below his hips.

The nerd entered the room and heard the sound of the shower. He shrugged with a soundless sigh and continued to read his book. After some time, the sound of the water stopped and Charlie stepped out of the bathroom, dripping wet. A bath towel covered the lower part of the body. His wet hair fell onto his forehead, making him look sexier than always.

The nerd raised his eyes from the book to look at his overly hot roommate. He eyed his abs and his muscular body. "Uh... Charlie?"

"Hmm?" Charlie echoed lazily, as he reached for a dry towel to wipe his hair.

"You don't play any sport and I don't see you working out," Bookworm stated curiously, "How in the world did you build those muscles?"

His question bemused Charlie, he cracked a grin. There was an air of arrogance in his smile. "I have only recently stepped down on my workout sessions." Members of the Long family received relentless training, except his big aunt, who was in poor health.

Bookworm gaped at him as Charlie shrugged and removed the towel that was wrapped around his waist. Standing majestically naked, he searched for his underpants and put it on without bothering about his poor roommate.

Every time Charlie did this, it annoyed his nerdy roommate. He felt that Charlie was showing off his splendid body on purpose. It was like salt to his wound. But he understood why Evelyn had fallen in love with him.

He played games on his computer all day and never really took his time to study his subjects. But every time, he scored the first rank. He was handsome, with a body of a Greek God. And on top of all that, he was also crazy rich. It was no wonder that all the girls wanted to catch his eye.

Charlie overlooked how

tainside was a clump of bamboo trees where the gamers played the Chinese seven-stringed zither and the vertical flute from time to time. On the peak of the Illusory Mount, there was the Peach Blossom Forest. A cluster of bright red immersed in white mist. Such beauty... It was a sharp contrast to the Yama's Palace down below.

Though Elsa had been to the Illusory Mount several times, she had never been to Yama's Palace. Neither had she ever been to the Peach Blossom Forest. The only way to the Peach Blossom Forest was to pass through Yama's Palace, but only very few people knew that.

[Friend] Sweet Dream: Are you really here?

No response.

[Friend] Sweet Dream: You are not gonna do anything stupid, are you?

Elsa had just sent the message, when the speaker channel flashed across the screen.

[Speaker] Silent Sorrow: That's the end of the farce today. In retrospect, the battle is over. But, I'm still not done. For me, the battle is far from over. All along, I believed that as long as I stayed here and silently protected you, you will find and accept my heart one day, but that was just my dream. It is time for me to wake up! As they say, "You can't always ask the ones you love to love you in return."

When Elsa saw his sentimental words, she felt like she was struck by a thunderbolt.

Due to Silent Sorrow's words, World was in an uproar. The players expressed different feelings—doubt, concern and soothing words. Of course, some people were jealous as usual.

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