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   Chapter 1126 Extra Story 16 Of Charlie Wedding Turning Into A War

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In the end, the wedding didn't eventuate. Drunk Wind fell from the Illusory Mount. Then he was trapped in the Yama's Palace forever. At The First Sight never again appeared in Dragon Yelling To The Sky Server District, either. That was the end of the drama. It was just one of the many things that could happen in the game. Though it attracted many eyes on that particular day, afterward, no one seemed to remember much about the incident.

Many things seemed to be back to normal again. Dragon was still a popular game. Dragon Yelling To The Sky was still a region filled with wars and wealthy players. Legendary Past would still bully LOL from time to time. Her name was always red, indicating that she had just killed someone else. But, Silent Sorrow wasn't the person who only talked to Legendary Past anymore.

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: Sweet Dream, Proposal to be used in 24 hours. The price is 5201* Ingot!

(*TN: same pronunciation as "I love you" in Chinese)

Silent Sorrow had bought the item Proposal for Sweet Dream. Dragon was definitely a game for players to spend money in. For players who didn't spend money, they might usually get frustrated. Elsa was the latter. 'I didn't ask you to buy it. Hey! I don't really know you, please!' she complained inwardly.

Clenching her teeth, she switched the tab to the top-up section. There was little money left in her bank account, but she still bought 10, 000 Ingots.

Then she returned to the game and opened the trade section. She sent all the 10, 000 Ingots to Silent Sorrow. Though the Proposal and 100 World Announcement Tickets cost more than that amount, that was the best she could do. She didn't w

or a moment. Smiling gently, he turned and walked into the dorm, leaving the nerd behind to feel frustrated with Charlie's response.

Charlie felt at ease at the moment. Evelyn was his sister, whom he had taken extra care of since the day they were born. He, as well as the entire Long family, would support her no matter whom she chose for her other half. Regardless of whether she would enjoy love or get hurt by love. Charlie could tell that his nerdy friend had feelings for Evelyn, but whether those feelings would eventuate into a real relationship would still depend on whether the nerd was courageous enough to take the first step.

Pushing the door open, he planned to go to the bathroom to take a shower. On his screen, there were many messages sent from the Friend channel. In the Lover Valley, only Silent Sorrow and Sweet Dream were standing side by side. There was no one else, except for the NPC, the matchmaker, who was holding a red string.

"When I tie lovers up, they will never be separated! Let me tie you up, young lovers!" the NPC said.

[Friend] Sweet Dream: Hello, are you there?

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