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   Chapter 1125 Extra Story 15 Of Charlie Wedding Turning Into A War

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6186

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[Speaker] Silent Sorrow: This is my woman. I have protected her for so long! I won't let anyone mistreat her! Drunk Wind! At The First Sight! Apologize to her! Now!

Unlike the World channel, the Speaker mode allowed the player to broadcast the message to everyone even if the player disabled all the channels. The font style in Speaker mode was bold and bright yellow color, which was designed to catch the attention of every player.

Shortly after the announcement, the atmosphere had turned still. Not even the members from the Candy Group, who had been bullying Sweet Dream from the very start, dared to speak. Silent Sorrow had now piqued everyone's curiosity.

He had been protecting Legendary Past, but why did he suddenly change to care so much for Sweet Dream? More importantly, Sweet Dream had claimed that she was in a relationship with Drunk Wind in real life. So, Silent Sorrow must be secretly in love with Sweet Dream!

[Friend] At The First Sight: Allen, it seems this is the end of the wedding!

[Friend] Drunk Wind: Rita, is this what you want? Are you happy with it now?

[Present] Drunk Wind: Silent Sorrow, the matter between Sweet Dream and me has nothing to do with you! I don't know what brings you here, or when you started protecting Sweet Dream. In the end, it seems that Sweet Dream has been disloyal to me! She was cheating on me by having you!

[World] Valiant Life: What the heck! Silent Sorrow, Legendary Past! You threw bombs at me the moment I came!

He turned out to be one of the few still sending messages to the World channel, while everyone else in the Dragon Yelling To The Sky region followed the reporters to the Lover Valley. There were characters after characters, all following the progress of this once-in-a-lifetime drama. Due to a large number of players at one location, the Internet connect

t Sweet Dream, but she didn't expect Silent Sorrow to come and save her. In the game, he had always been together with Legendary Past, yet now, he had become a secret admirer of Sweet Dream.

Allen didn't reply to Rita. He was holding his phone which had rung when Legendary Past and LOL slew his avatar. When he heard the person speaking on the phone, a self-mocking smile was plastered on his face. Even till the end, when he hung up the call, the smile remained on his face.

[World] Drunk Wind: Sweet Dream, I apologize to you! I apologize for not giving you a proper explanation.

His words seemed to suggest one thing and that was, Sweet Dream wasn't the home wrecker. Then, there was still another question at hand. Was Silent Sorrow the third wheel, or just a secret admirer?

For the male players, they weren't particularly interested in the story line of the drama. What intrigued them the most was how exactly was the skill Guard of the Dragon, activated. For the female players, they were attracted by various versions of this love story posted in the forum and came to witness the entire drama. To them, a live show was much more interesting than a drama series on TV. They enjoyed every bit of the juicy gossip.

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