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   Chapter 1124 Extra Story 14 Of Charlie Wedding Turning Into A War

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[Present] Wind Blowing Butt: You're right!

[Present] Puppet321: Darling, awesome skill! (Anger), I told you to choose to be a Dragon as your profession, but you chose Dark Wizard. Now you regret it!

[Present] Puppet123: …

[Present] At The First Sight: Legendary Past, what was that supposed to mean?

While everyone was amazed by what had just happened to witness the skill Guard of the Dragon, At The First Sight had suddenly changed the topic.

Upon seeing the name Legendary Past, she turned her eyes to the character on the screen. Legendary Past, the killer sorceress, was wearing a bloodied red dress. Just like her dress, her name had also turned bloody red, as if blood was going to drip from it.

Behind her, was Worldly Rose and Dangerous Beauty. One had cultivated the Metal element in the Five Elements to the maximum, which would maximize the player's attack power. The other had cultivated the Water element in the Five Elements to the maximum, which would maximize the player's healing power. She was the best Priest in the Dragon Yelling To The Sky region, a famous tranny dude, and most importantly, she had almost become Legendary Past's personal safeguard. When the latter fought with others, most of the times, Dangerous Beauty would be at her side, even when Legendary Past didn't need her help.

Elsa had been playing the game for more than half a year, but she wasn't really familiar with the game setting. Without the guiding NPC, she couldn't find the way to other maps. She didn't know where to forge her armor and weapons, and she didn't know which Boss she should kill to get the most benefit for her character. Naturally given her lack of knowledge of the game, she also didn't know how to use the different armor and weapons. The key to her survival in the game was Drunk Wind, who had always led her and protected her along the way. The only thing she knew how to do was slay some low-level creeps. That was all. Anything else she had no idea of what that was.

Just like in this particular instance, just now At The First Sight interrogated Legendary Past for what had just happened, while Passing By was commenting about the Guard of the Dragon skill which was a big deal in the gam

I promise you that you will be brutally slain today!

[Present] Worldly Rose: He's already dead…

These few players were chatting, completely ignoring the group of people lying dead on the ground.

Rita was utterly enraged. After using a Resurrection Ticket, a light flashed on the screen and her character was revived.

[Present] At The First Sight: Don't be so domineering!

[Friend] At The First Sight: Allen, are you going to keep silent all the way?

When he saw the message, Allen mocked himself. Then he fixed his eyes on the character standing beside Sweet Dream as if he was an indomitable guardian for her. It was none other than, Silent Sorrow.

Allen had never known Elsa had someone like Sorrow as her guardian. 'Since when have they known each other?'

A hint of jealous rage rose from the bottom of his heart. After a bright flash, Drunk Wind was also revived.

[Present] Passing By: Alas! So many rich people in the game. Is there any Priest still alive? Can you help revive me? The ground is really cold!

The only Priest who was still alive was Dangerous Beauty. She raised her staff, which started to emanate purple light from the top. The contrast of the purple light and the blood-red background gave off an eerie vibe.

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: Sweet Dream, you said that you didn't care. Then why did you still come here?

Elsa wanted to cry. All day, she felt like she had been riding an emotional roller coaster, and she was overwhelmed.

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