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   Chapter 1123 Extra Story 13 Of Charlie Wedding Turning Into A War

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7490

Updated: 2019-08-02 10:56

[Private] Stranger—At The First Sight: I didn't expect things to turn out like that. Drunk Wind has already given me an explanation. He just happened to help you get more experience to upgrade. There's nothing else. I trust him. I hope you can stay here to attend our wedding.

[System] Player At The First Sight requests for a trade. Accept Yes or No?

Elsa gazed at the request for the trade. At The First Sight offered her a ticket for triple experience and some weapons and armors that the class Little Prophet used. Elsa estimated that all of those items could easily cost more than 1, 000 Ingots.

[Private] Stranger—At The First Sight: Everyone who attends my wedding with Drunk Wind will receive a present. (Laughing face) Just accept! Thank you for staying.

Elsa read the line that popped up. 'When did I say that I would stay?' she wondered.

After clicking at "No" to reject the offer, she wanted to type something else however another private chat message appeared on the screen.

[Private] Stranger—At The First Sight: Thank you so much for staying for our wedding!

Elsa just now wanted to type something to reject her invitation, but before she could finish typing, At The First Sight took it as she had accepted. 'Ah! I don't want to attend the wedding! I don't want to know anything about it. Didn't she see my rejection of the trade offer?' Elsa thought.

She was so confused about what was going on. She didn't want this but was forced to accept it all the same. That made her annoyed.

[Present] Passing By: Did I see it correctly? Sweet Dream is here as well!

[Present] Reporter Little Happiness: Where is she? Where is she? Why can't I see her?

[Present] Potato And Tomato: She's with At The First Sight.

Amidst the best wishes from the guests, a few people began to talk about Sweet Dream, the special guest. While Elsa was coming to terms with the weird direction it was all heading in, everyone else started to focus on her avatar in the game.

[Present] Marshmallow: Hey, Sweet Dream. What are you doing here?

[Present] Sourtaste: Are you here to get Drunk Wind back? I suggest you give up on that idea. He has already announced to the World channel that he only loves At The First Sight.

graphics of the game and the majestic backdrop had turned it into a beautiful one. All of the details were so unbelievably real.

[Present] Wind Blowing Butt: What happened? I just got killed!

[Present] Little Transparent: Ah! Sweet Dream! That was amazing! You killed so many people in three seconds!

[Present] Puppet123: …

[Present] Puppet321: …

The message that Little Transparent wrote wasn't appreciated by everyone. Many of the players began to type a set of three dots, indicating that they felt speechless, to keep the order.

[Present] Little Transparent: Did I say anything wrong?

[Present] Passing By: No, you didn't. We were wrong! It was 'Guard of the Dragon', a defense skill of the Dragon Race. People say it can guard one against anything! Wow! Awesome! My eyes are nearly blind! Fuck! It was even able to guard against the attack skills of Legendary Past and Worldly Rose!

'Guard of the Dragon', was the only skill of the Dragon Race that could act as a healing skill. When activated, the avatar would have a golden shield around it to prevent any attack for five seconds! This skill was a legend in the game and the best defense skill ever! Unfortunately, up until now, no one had accomplished the achievements to activate it. Before today, this skill existed only as a legend, and none of the players had ever seen it before.

[Present] Useless No.1: What the fuck! Is this the first time this skill has ever been used? I thought it was just a legend?

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