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   Chapter 1122 Extra Story 12 Of Charlie I Am Watching You Silently

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So, needless to say, she was quite surprised to receive such a box. She could not help but wonder if it was really meant for her. She pulled out the small card pressed under the ribbon and unfolded it.

"To Elsa Ji"

There was nothing except her name on the card, as if it was written to convince her that the box was really meant for her.

Elsa was even more confused. She went into her room and opened the box slowly. What she found inside were delicately packaged pieces of chocolates. At that moment, she no longer thought about who had sent the package to her. All her confusions were replaced by the seemingly delicious chocolates, which made her mouth water.

Without thinking any further, Elsa picked a piece and put it in her mouth. The smooth and mellow taste cheered her up in an instant. She had had a liking towards sweet foods, especially chocolate, since her childhood. Every time she was upset about something, her mother would buy her some chocolate. Once she had some chocolate, all her sadness would be driven away, no matter how bad she had felt before.

"Hmm... This is so yummy!" Elsa mumbled, as she licked her lips. She raised and dropped her shoulders several times in her excitement. Then she picked up another piece and slowly ran her tongue through it. She took a delicate bite like she was enjoying the most delicious food in the whole world.

The chocolate drove away her low mood, even though she still felt a bit crest-fallen when she thought about her breakup with Allen.

After a while, she had eaten most of the chocolate inside the box. Her mood had turned better now. She went to bed for an afternoon nap. When she woke up again, it was already time for supper. Her roommates hadn't come back

[World] Legendary Past: Alas...Where is my Sorrow? Where is Sorrow? I want to get married too ...

[World] LOL: Sorrow has abandoned you. I can put up with you and marry you.

[World] Legendary Past: Are you on edge because I let you go today?

LOL didn't comment anything further in World. The players knew that he was being crushed by Legendary Past once again.

While everybody brought their imagination into full play, Elsa made her character come back to life in Prophet Tribe and sent Sweet Dream to Lover Valley via NPC. She didn't know why she did this. When she read the refreshing messages in the current channel on the screen and saw Drunk Wind and At The First Sight wearing brilliant red wedding attire, her good mood brought on by the delicate, delicious chocolate melted away gradually. She was extremely depressed again.

When she was about to turn her character around and leave Lover Valley, a message appeared on her screen.

[Private] Stranger At The First Sight: Now that you're here, please congratulate us gracefully. Don't you think you could easily refute their accusation of you being a third party by doing so?


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