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   Chapter 1121 Extra Story 11 Of Charlie I Am Watching You Silently

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6833

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[Friend] Sweet Dream: And anyway... I'm not going to play this game any longer. I don't care what Candy Group says. Just let them say whatever they want.

When he saw the message from Elsa, Charlie's temples quivered slightly and his eyes turned dark.

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: I see... Since you're not going to play any longer, you need not care whether they live or die. It no longer has anything to do with you.

[Friend] Sweet Dream: ...

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: But if you continue to play the game and don't want that kind of thing happening to them, then of course... I will consider stopping the massacre. After all, it was you who was concerned about them. Now that you don't want to hold them responsible, I won't bother with them either.

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: Legendary Past has already given away four or five thousand Ingots for this. I wonder how much she will have to give away in order to degrade all of them to Level Zero.

Elsa gaped at the screen. She had to be more shameless than him in order to win. But now, she had to yield.

[Friend] Sweet Dream: Silent Sorrow, I'm scared... Please notify them to stop immediately!

Elsa pondered silently, 'Four or five thousand Ingots...That would cost a lot of money! Even if you're rich, you can't spend all that money in such a meaningless way!'

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: Since you're not going to play the game any longer, you need not worry about it.

[Friend] Sweet Dream: I will play.

After seeing those three simple words on his screen, Charlie could imagine what Elsa's face would be like at that moment. The picture of her cheeks ballooned like two small buns came vividly to his mind. Unconsciously, a smile spread to his eyes.

[World] Silent Sorrow: Stop killing Candy Group.

[World] Legendary Past: So soon? I just converted some more Ingots as reward for degrading them to Level Zero.

[World] Wind Blowing Butt: Fuck! My microcosm of hostility towards the rich is about to explode.

[World] Eggache Time: Fuck, mine has already exploded!

Evelyn on his screen.

[Friend] Legendary Past: I've cancelled the group battle tonight.

[Friend] Legendary Past: Aah! I am more excited about the wedding in the evening than fighting the group battles or ill-treating LOL! Ha-ha!

A gust of light fog drifted in front of Charlie's character with weird chuckles. His eyes became soft. He loved this younger sister of his so much that he didn't think there was anybody in the world who could compare to her.


When the telephone in her dormitory room rang, Elsa was sitting absent-mindedly by the window sill. The rings brought her back to reality. As soon as she picked up the phone, she heard the heavy voice of the dormitory administrator—a woman in her fifties.

"Elsa Ji, a package has been delivered in your name. Pick it up from downstairs."

The phone was hung up

before Elsa could say a word. Elsa wasn't aware of any packages coming for her today. As far as she could remember, she hadn't bought anything recently. But she went downstairs anyway to pick it up. A hot stamp logo of the Dragon Empire Group was on the delicate package. The brand name on the box belonged to a dessert shop directly under the Dragon Empire Group. Everything in that shop was sold in a limited quantity every day. Elsa could never afford any of those products, because all of them were extremely expensive.

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