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   Chapter 1120 Extra Story 10 Of Charlie I Am Watching You Silently

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In an instant, the entire Dragon Yelling To The Sky server entered a state of chaos. Complains were coming in from everywhere.

[Friend] LOL: What do you think? Am I friendly enough to you now?

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: Hmm.

[Friend] LOL: How do you plan on paying me back?

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: I will always leave the second place to you.

LOL didn't reply right away. After a while, a message from a friend popped up.

[Friend] LOL: There is only one word which can express what I'm feeling now— Fuck!

Charlie sniggered silently. He opened his friend list, which had so few people that they could have been counted with just two hands. He looked for a particular name, but her avatar indicated that she was not online at the moment.

He didn't dispose the hottest post he had read just now in the forum, neither did he stop the crazy massacre in the Dragon Yelling To The Sky. He just let things be and watched everything calmly. He closed the private chats with strangers. On his laptop screen was a swordsman in a pure white robe with a sword that gave out a golden light. He was standing atop Illusory Mount. He was waiting for the girl who would do nothing but hide somewhere and weep whenever she was wronged.

[World] Silent Sorrow: Too much of a bloody scene would scare Past. So, when you're teaching them this lesson, please do know when to stop.

A mysterious player never spoke explicitly. Everybody knew what he meant. Sorrow had initially meant to let them degrade Candy Group to the same level as they had done to Sweet Dream, but what the hell did it mean by scaring Legendary Past? Had she ever been scared by a bloody massacre? After all, it was she who held the most violent female account in all the servers. And in her daily life, she had always pressed LOL and ill-treated him at all times.

They weren't really wrong. It was just that Legendary Past was over LOL.


Elsa had no idea that the Dragon Yelling To The Sky and even all the servers, was in an uproar because of her at the very moment. Players from other servers registered with new accounts in the server to observe the fight. It was one hell of a show.

"Where is spring...Where is spring..." Her r

nger At The First Sight: Sweet Dream, Drunk Wind and I truly love each other. I apologize for all the abuse from Candy Group. But, do you think it is proper to attack us like this in cooperation with Silent Sorrow? Is it that entertaining for you to prevent Drunk Wind and I from getting married?

'No, it isn't entertaining at all, ' Elsa thought. Since Allen had broken up with her in reality, she didn't want to be anywhere near his avatar in the game either.

[Friend] Sweet Dream: Silent Sorrow, could you stop killing Candy Group?

As soon as Charlie read the message Elsa had sent him, a smile played at the corners of his lips. Seeing the Little Prophet in the blue gauzy dress, standing by the swordsman's side, he could not help but sigh helplessly. He was not at all surprised by her request. He had actually foreseen it. The smile froze on his face. Most people would shiver in fear from the bottom of their feet if they saw his evil smirk.

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: Did Drunk Wind talk to you?

As soon as she saw Sorrow's response, Elsa's mouth fell open unconsciously. She hadn't expected that he would figure it out. She wanted to deny, but she didn't like telling lies.

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: Aren't you angry?

[Friend] Sweet Dream: Yes, I am angry. However, anger doesn't solve anything. Besides, nothing would change in the real world even if I fight them in the game. What's lost is lost. I can't retain anybody who is determined to leave.

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