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   Chapter 1119 Extra Story 9 Of Charlie I Am Watching You Silently

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It was not until Charlie had walked into the dormitory building that Elsa came back to herself. Seeing the cash that was still in her hands, she felt frustrated and mumbled to herself, "I wanted to pay the money back! I don't want to owe you! You're annoying!" She stamped her feet, annoyed at him.

Then she walked to her own dormitory building, pouting and drooping her head sulkily. She hadn't taken many steps before she was intercepted by somebody.

"Tell us what your relationship with Charlie is," the girl in front of her asked harshly.

The two girls from earlier, the ones who had tried to give Charlie love letters, were now in her way. Seeing the fierce look from their eyes, she hesitated slightly and then said, "I forgot to take my wallet when I went out for lunch earlier. Charlie helped me by paying for my food. I came to repay him."

The two girls exchanged glances with each other. When their eyes met, they communicated silently and tacitly. Neither of them thought that Elsa was lying. When Charlie was talking to Elsa a while ago, he had his back to the girls. So they couldn't see what had transpired between them at the time. However, they had already seen the cash in Elsa's hand. "You'd better stay away from Charlie. Otherwise, you will become the common enemy of our Charlie Only Society*. You will feel sorry if you cross us."

*TN: A club organized by Charlie's female fans.

After warning Elsa, the two girls looked her up and down. Finding that she had neither the perfect stature nor a pretty face, they snorted and left. Elsa stood rooted to the spot, confused by their warning. She wondered how so many things could go wrong to her in one single day. She was finding it difficult to cope.

When Charlie arrived at his dormitory, his dorky roommate was immersed in reading a book, just as he always did. Charlie was not surprised at all. He was quite familiar with his roommate by now. He handed the food container to him.

Then he sat down in front of his laptop. After glancing at the time indicated at the lower right corner of the screen, he double-clicked the 'Dragon' icon. After entering the interface, he clicked on update. When he was just about to pour himself a cup of water, his cellphone rang.

most players were drawn by what LOL and Merchant No.1 had said. They were led to kill Candy Group.

[World] Legendary Past: I feel sad that Sorrow is showing tendencies of going into Sweet Dream's embrace.

[World] Legendary Past: But... I really love Sorrow. Since he had personally promised such a thing...

[World] Legendary Past: I will grant his wish.

[World] Legendary Past: Everybody can go ahead and harass Candy Group as they see fit—ruthlessly and without following any rules. They shall receive the reward from me.

As always, she didn't type the whole sentence in a single message. Players had to hold their breaths and wait for each of her messages until she finished speaking. Fortunately, she typed very fast, so she was able to deliver the news clearly. She had given them the green signal—"Go ahead and kill them all! "

Since they were one of the top five groups in the Dragon Yelling To The Sky server, Candy Group had many members and all of them were women. Thus, they had attracted many male players who were willing to defend them in order to win their love. As a result of this, they had become an overbearing group in the server. Ordinary players didn't want to fight with them unless they were bullied too severely by them. However, the person they had offended today was Silent Sorrow. Moreover, LOL had stepped on it and had made a good start as an example. Nobody cared to explore the path in the new map. Almost all the players went out to kill Candy Group.

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