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   Chapter 1118 Extra Story 8 Of Charlie I Am Watching You Silently

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7955

Updated: 2019-08-02 00:04

Player #1: Oh my God! I never thought that there would be such a shocking gossip during a game update! Who is this Sweet Dream? Is she pretty? Has any of her photos been exposed?

Player #2: Geez... How could this happen? How could a Lv.40 Little Prophet step in between a master couple?! How could she dare take Legendary Past's man? I actually admire her courage! After all, everybody knows that Legendary Past is the most violent female gamer in the whole server. By the way, I doubt if Legendary Past is a woman. Word says he's actually a dude.

Player #3: Sweet Dream is nothing but a bitch. Hmph! She tried so hard to seduce my brother-in-law. Now that she knows that my brother-in-law only loves my elder sister, she has begun to seduce Silent Sorrow, the legendary player.

Player #4: ...


Player #222: Sorrow had personally said that he likes another person. If you are so jealous of Sweet Dream, why don't you try and seduce a legendary player yourself? Then maybe Sorrow will like you too.


Player #1001: I'd like to say something to #222. Are you Sweet Dream's double account? Can't you see that all the posts here are against her? Why do you think I am the only one trash talking her?


The post had attracted a lot of players and many commented in lightening speeds. In the beginning, everybody was just curious about the situation and labeled Sweet Dream as a bitch. Later, more and more people expressed different opinions. In addition to that, some players who got along well with Legendary Past and Silent Sorrow tried to justify Sweet Dream every now and then. As a result, eventually the discussion turned into a fierce battle of tongue. The post had become particularly hot because Silent Sorrow and Legendary Past were involved in the discussion.

Everybody who played 'Dragon' knew the famous server district 'Dragon Yelling To The Sky'. And the players knew that Legendary Past had been number one in every list despite being a female player, and her record had not been broken till date. And Silent Sorrow, who was listed at the third place at all times, spoiled Legendary Past so much. However, Sweet Dream, whose account was hardly known, appeared out of nowhere and tried to steal Silent Sorrow's heart from Legendary Past. And the end result of that, was this heated discussion on the forum. Some people were angry, some tr

ing and refreshing.

"Did you come for me?"

he asked in his low magnetic voice. As soon as she heard his voice, Elsa's nerves underwent a short circuit. Reflexively, she jumped.

"Eek!" Elsa screamed, startled when she saw that Charlie was right in front of her and his body was slightly bent towards her. She jumped two steps backwards. "Char—Charlie! I—I did not come for you!" She blushed instantly.

Slowly, Charlie straightened up while the smile at the corners of his mouth deepened. "Oh? I thought you had come to pay the money back," he said.

"Yeah," Elsa replied, immediately remembering why she was there. Without sufficient brain cells back at work after the shock just now, she said, "I came to repay you..." She paused when she realized that she had just a moment ago denied that she had come to see him. In an instant, her face became as red as a boiled shrimp.

Seeing as how embarrassed Elsa looked, Charlie understood that she had indeed come to repay him. "I see..." he said with a nod, prolonging his voice on purpose. "So, you've come for repay the money?" He intentionally stressed the words, "come for me". When he saw how helpless Elsa looked at that moment, the smile on his lips spread to his eyes. He could not bear to embarrass her any longer. "You may consider that as my treat," he said, taking a step back to leave. "Just remember that you owe me a meal." He paused, staring deep into Elsa's eyes. She looked bewildered, unable to catch up with what he had said. Charlie smiled, turned around and left without waiting for her response.

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