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   Chapter 1117 Extra Story 7 Of Charlie What Was Going On

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While Elsa was in such an embarrassing situation, a tender hand appeared from nowhere and handed the money to the stall owner. A gorgeously gentle voice sounded in her ear. "I'll pay for her."

Disturbed by the strange voice, Elsa turned her head to see who owned such a melancholic voice. The aura of his face had an enchanting glow under the sun. From where she was standing which was against the sunlight, she couldn't see so clearly, but she could still see the faint smile on his lips. It was the kind of smile that would make girls want to indulge in, not too fancy but just fascinating.

Seeing that Elsa was quite dazed, Charlie inclined his head. Eyes twinkling, he spoke softly, "Is this your lunch?" He pointed to the food on the counter.

Suddenly, Elsa regained her wits and had a clear image of the person. This was her senior, the most well-known person in the school, Charlie Xia from the School of Business! He had the same name as Charlie Long, the person who had left her with painful nightmares. But his family name was Xia.

"Senior…" Blushed and ashamed, Elsa stammered, "I… l… I will pay you back after I get back to school. Thank you!" After saying that, she wanted to flee from such an awkward situation. It was not because of the awkwardness, nor was it because of the sense of danger that Charlie gave her, but it was just everyone else on the street was focusing on her.

When Elsa turned to leave, Charlie abruptly grabbed her arm.

"Senior…" With her head bowed, Elsa was too shy to look at him directly. She looked around as if she was trying to find a hole and hide there so that she didn't need to be judged by the crowd. It wasn't so embarrassing to forget to bring money or forget your wallet. Yet being rescued by someone like Charlie Xia, a senior was way more embarrassing for her. It was utterly embarrassing to make Charlie pay for her because of her carelessness. She could imagine herself as soon to be the topic of gossip for the entire school, which she definitely didn't want.

"Don't you want that?" Motioning at the food on the counter, Charlie was wearing a sly smile on his face as he picked the fried chicken and handed it to her. The way he smiled at her made Elsa even more humiliated.

'Oh my goodness! That's killing me! So embarrassing!' Elsa shouted in her heart.

After castigating herself in silence, she forced a smile and took the chicken Charlie passed to her. Then he bowed to him politely and thanked in appreciation, "Thank you so much, senior. I will pay you back when I get the money."

"That's okay! No problem!"

With that, Elsa thought that it was time for her to leave now. Then she fled

s Corporations' daughter, liked him. Sooner or later, they would marry each other for business reasons.

"When the time is ripe." At the thought of his good plan, Charlie smiled as he shot his brows up, a slice of playfulness flashing across his eyes.

Seeing her brother's reaction Evelyn couldn't stand him anymore. "Is the curse for the Long family really true?" she murmured. According to the curse, everyone with the Long blood would meet the chosen one in his or her life. When the chosen one appeared, the grave danger would follow.

To Charlie, the chosen one must be Elsa. Evelyn thought, 'I can't imagine when my chosen one appears, what danger would happen?' Looking at the mess of food on her table, she continued thinking, 'Besides Charlie, no one would be able to stand me eating so much, I guess. Even Mark is curious about the structure of my stomach. Mom even suspects I would die of hunger if I miss a single meal. That could be why I eat so much now.'

Sensing that she was quite pre-occupied and she had stopped eating for a while, Charlie beamed at his sister. 'Whether the curse is true or not… Elsa, we will meet again. Are you looking forward to that too?' Charlie thought.

Whether Elsa was looking forward to meeting Charlie again was unknown, but all the players of Dragon were looking forward to seeing Sweet Dream once the update was done. How could she make Silent Sorrow give up Legendary Past? What special power did she possess?

One of the posts in the forum had reached a view of 10, 000 and had over 1, 000 replies in just one hour.

Due to the popularity of the post, it was pinned to the top of the forum.

The title was typed in bold blaring words saying, "The Best in Dragon! 'Sweet Dream' Ruined Two Relationships In One Day!"

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