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   Chapter 1116 Extra Story 6 Of Charlie What Was Going On

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Updated: 2019-08-01 22:55

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: No one had ever killed me before!

As her eyes were fixed on the comment lines, Elsa felt so regretful. Then all of a sudden, her name on the screen turned red. Realizing what had just happened, she howled inwardly. 'When did I turn the PK mode on? When did I target Silent Sorrow and used my attacking skill? Most importantly, how could one skill take the life out of Silent Sorrow? That was impossible!' A chain questions surfaced on her mind. When she was still trying to figure out an explanation for this bizarre matter, a message popped up.

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: You have killed me! You need to be responsible for me! If you accept my proposal, I can still say that I had a quarrel with my wife and got punished! If you don't, then I have no face to play this game anymore… Then I can only jump from the Illusory Mount together with you.

[Friend] Sweet Dream: …

[Friend] Sweet Dream: Sorrow, I…

[System] Three seconds to the update! All players will be forced to quit the game!

Unfortunately, before she could finish typing her sentence, she was forced to quit. It was like a drama in the movies just now. Her mind was in turmoil.

Some said, "When one door is closed, then a window somewhere else would be open."

However, she didn't want this window. Why on earth was the "window" pushed and insisted to her? She didn't even try to look for this "window".

She was in a wheel of emotions. Standing up from her chair, she held up her hands high in the air and let out a bitter sigh.

On the other end, Charlie stood up and was ready to go out. "Do you need me to pack some food for you?" he asked his roommate.

"Yeah, thanks." Without looking at him, the nerdy roommate answered as he still glued his eyes on the book.

Before he went out, Charlie stopped at the sight of his roommate, who was struggling to solve a problem. He shook his head, sighed and tapped his pen repeatedly on his book. Determined not to disturb him at his dilemma, Charlie randomly took a piece of paper and quickly jotted down the answer and solving steps. After placing the paper on his roommate's table, he then went out of the room.

The moment the door was closed, the nerd seemed to be enlightened and

f you could see him strolling the small market, for sure accompanying him must be Evelyn, just like right now.

There was not a slice of manners in the way Evelyn was eating. She could devour her foods in one second. Surprisingly, before she could even wipe her mouth, she was already on the next food stall, then the next one, the next one, until the very end. After paying for the food, Charlie just realized that he might need to wipe his sister's mouth. He had to do it for her, or else one would think that she was out of her mind with all the mess on her face. Seeing the intimate action of Charlie towards Evelyn, all the men nearby felt heartbroken. 'What a beautiful girl! But she is already taken, ' they thought.

On one end, Elsa was holding to some fried chicken. Her eyes were still swelling in redness, which was a result of excessive crying. All her roommates were out and not a single soul was in the room. Thus she made up her mind to go out and grab something to eat 'Having lunch with no one else around feels so lonely, ' she thought as she took a bite of her fried chicken.

"Eight bucks."

"Okay." Pulling up her bag, Elsa fumbled in her purse to get the money.

"What? Where's my money?" she murmured. Putting down the food, she started to search her bag thoroughly. However, everything else except for the wallet was there. "I remember clearly I brought my wallet out." Her face blushed in worry, and the stall owner was already giving her a suspicious glance.

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