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   Chapter 1115 Extra Story 5 Of Charlie What Was Going On

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At the mention of the username, Allen fell silent again. Lying on his chair, he rubbed his forehead to clear his mind. Then his tone turned heavy as he said, "Elsa… Leave the game. That's not for you!"

His words brought Elsa to tears again. Clenching her teeth, she argued back, "That game is not for me? Then whom would it be for? I think it's a good place for me to entertain myself. Isn't it?" Breathing in lightly, through the haze in her eyes, she looked at her avatar who was lying on the ground on the computer screen. "Allen, me and 'At The First Sight', who is the homewrecker?" Elsa asked. Confused and clouded at the moment, she didn't know what she really insisted on by asking him that. Or maybe, she was just expecting for something that was never going to come true, hoping for the impossible and wishing his answer would not hurt her.

"Elsa…" At the phone, Allen's tone turned heavy, which was a sign of his anger.

Considering the matter at hand, Elsa didn't know whether she just liked Allen too much or she was being carried away by her emotions. Even if they were not facing each other, she could sense his emotion from the tone he spoke. "Allen, who is the third wheel?" Elsa asked over the phone in a serious tone.

Before Allen could answer her question however, a bright golden light shone from the screen. After the bright light, Elsa's dead avatar slowly stood up on the game site.

[Region] Player Silent Sorrow used item Resurrection Ticket on player Sweet Dream!

The Dragon was a game where one could spend a lot of money on. As long as one was rich, one could buy items which had special functions. One special function of which was respawning a dead character immediately without waiting for the countdown. The Resurrection Ticket that Silent Sorrow used for Sweet Dream, had the function to resurrect and revitalize another player and to prevent any experience loss from the death. The "dead" player didn't have the choice of whether to accept or reject. The cost of such an item was 20 bucks in real money.

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: So, you are still confused whether you are the third wheel or not?

"Elsa, it's just a game!" When Silent Sorrow sent Elsa the personal messa

[World] Reporter Little Happiness: Hey guys! I have a piece of news… Silent Sorrow was slain by Sweet Dream by Kirin Slaying Skill!

The rank in Dragon was updated every hour. So…. Silent Sorrow didn't get to the second place. The accident caused him to be back to third place again.

[World] LOL: …

[World] Wind Blowing Butt: …

[World] I Hate To Create A Name: …

[World] Puppet123: …

[World] Valiant Life: Hey! What's going on here?

[World] Legendary Past: Keep the order please.

It was only after a series of "…" in the World channel that Elsa realized what a stupid thing she had just done. With several thoughts running on her mind, she felt so stupid that she even forgot to feel sad. She just silently gazed at the man with a white robe and dark hair, lying at her feet on the monitor screen.

Everyone was petrified, dazed and shocked at the results of the ranks in the game. They couldn't believe what had just happened. Who 'Silent Sorrow' was? A true legendary player, the legend of all channels. Now he was slain by a Little Prophet at only level 40, with the skill Kirin Slaying Skill.

[Present] Chocolatebeans: Even if he is lying on the ground, he still looks like a legend!

The conversation went silent, and again, the reply to Chocolatebeans was a series of "…".

[Friend] Sweet Dream: I… I didn't mean to do that… I also didn't know what I just did. I was going for the button of "reject", but I clicked at somewhere else… Then…

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