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   Chapter 1114 Extra Story 4 Of Charlie What Was Going On

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When Elsa saw the message in the World Channel, she bit her lower lip and tears welled up her eyes. Suddenly, she felt sorry for herself and realized that she was so pitiful. Through the messages she found that she knew nothing about her boyfriend, whom she had a relationship with for an entire year, yet, a person who 'knew' her for less than five minutes, was protecting her!

[World] Silent Sorrow: Since you've admitted that you have no relation with Sweet Dream, you will leave her alone in the future. If you dare harass her again, I will punish you with the "Three No" policy!

"Three No" policy, namely, no shame, no rule, and no bound.

[World] Wind Blowing Butt: Hey. I just wanna ask… What's happening here?

[World] Shallow Tango: Let me tell you! It seems that Silent Sorrow's girlfriend was framed. However, the man caused all this doesn't want to admit. That's why Silent Sorrow was enraged!

[World] Passing By: No! No! It's not what you think. Actually, it's a romance of four people.

[World] Reporter Little Speaker: Passing By is killed by Legendary Past!

After the last message by Reporter Little Speaker in the World channel, terrified by Legendary Past's military force, no one dared send new messages discussing the romance between the players. Those messages that hung on the top of the screen seemed like a reminder to the players that there were some infidelity and lying involved.

[World] Marshmallow: Sorrow! This is between At The First Sight and Sweet Dream. Why are you involved in this?

[World] Sourtaste: Right, Silent Sorrow, if you protect the home wrecker, people would assume that it's just normal to get involved in others' relationship, which is totally not acceptable.

[World] Silent Sorrow: Correct. I just love the home wreckers. And I like to protect her!

[World] LOL: Sorrow. Oh man! Sorrow! You really have a unique taste!

[World] Legendary Past: Sorrow… Man… What's your deal? You are so special! (Sad face emoji) No wonder I still can't get you.

[World] LOL: Don't be sad. You still have me. I'm just right here. Is it okay with you if I like home wreckers too?

[World] Legendary Past: Hey, LOL, I'm going to kill you a thousand times tonight!

[World] LOL: Then you're gonna marry me for that?

[World] Legendary Past: …


Glutton while defeating Drunk Wind at the same time! Ahhh! This is crazy!!!

The comments made by Reporter Bean pulled everyone else back to the original topic. It seemed that they had forgotten the third-wheel romance issue, where all today's uproars started.

With the debate starting again in the World channel, players started gossiping again.

Sweet Dream was still lying on the ground. No one dared to pull her up and she laid her face down on the ground, pitiful and helpless. Since she had been killed too many times by too many people, she would need a long time to resurrect. On the Illusory Mount, a lot of players' names turned red. That meant that they had just killed a player.

As excitement brewed up inside her, Elsa didn't notice the gossips in the World channel since Silent Sorrow opened the hidden map. Instead, she just absent-mindedly held her phone in her hand. The person on the other side of the phone call kept silent. "If you don't say anything, then I'll hang up the call," Elsa said softly, her voice dripping with exhaustion.

Browsing the messages in the World channel, Allen emotionlessly said, "Elsa, what is your relationship with that 'Silent Sorrow'?"

Upon hearing his question, Elsa suddenly laughed, not sure whether she was laughing at Allen or at herself. "Just now you just called me to break up with me. Then, you are asking me who that player in the game is…" Finding Allen's behavior childish, she pinched on her itching nose. "So can I ask you, who that 'At The First Sight' is?"

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