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   Chapter 1113 Extra Story 3 Of Charlie Sudden Break-up

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[Private] At The First Sight: Do you want to jump because you feel guilty for what you did?

Elsa didn't know why the female gamer went to private chat suddenly, and she still felt bitter for Allen's online silence. Thus she typed in reply.

[Private] Sweet Dream: I don't know anything. What's it got to do with me if you didn't get married today?

At The First Sight didn't respond and the present channel went silent for a while. After a few silent seconds, the channel suddenly burst into a heated discussion.

Elsa didn't know what At The First Sight had said, but the Dark Wizards from the Candy Group began to attack her vigorously now. They had concluded that it was Sweet Dream who was guilty of being the homewrecker and not At The First Sight.

Elsa was seething. She had done lots of things without giving them too much consideration, and now she felt regret for not saying what she felt in her heart.

[World] Sweet Dream: Drunk Wind, who was the home wrecker? Be a man! Tell the truth!

[World] Merchant No.1: I need three Firefly Stones! Who have it?

[World] Wind Blowing Butt: Yo! Drunk Wind got in a dilemma because of two women. Reporter! Reporter! Where is the reporter?

[World] Reporter's Speaker: I am on the Illusory Mountain now! Some Dark Wizards from the Candy Group took turns to freeze Sweet Dream the Little Prophet*. The reason for the punishment was Drunk Wind would have got married to At The First Sight tonight, but Sweet Dream messed it up.

*TN: Little Prophet, a hero class in the game Dragon.

[World] I Hate To Create A Name: Ah? What I heard was that Sweet Dream denied that she was the home wrecker and accused At The First Sight of being the one.

'I Hate To Create A Dream' had aroused a fierce debate in the World channel after what he had said. To most male gamers, 'Given that At The First Sight' was a goddess whose skills were illustrious and according to the Dark Wizards from the Candy Group, how could she possibly be the home wrecker?

[World] Marshmallow: On behalf of the Candy Group, we do not tolerate homewreckers! Sweet Dream, you have brought this upon yourself! How dare you speak up in the World channel after what you have done?

[World] Sourtaste: Yes! Brother-in-law, tell it like it is!

While reading the messages in the World channel, Elsa bit her lips and stared at the screen waiting for Drunk Wind to say something. However, he still didn't speak.

For Elsa to have the privilege to speak in the World channel, she had to buy Ingots. However, she had only started to play the game because of Allen and wasn't interested in spending money on a game, especially since she was going to kill her avatar off. She had used up the only World Announcement Ticket just now. Now all she could do was hope that Allen would say something

even if it were only one sentence! All he had to write was the truth whether she was the homewrecker or At The First Sight for everyone to see.


Elsa got a system message and clicked to open it. "Silent Sorrow sent you 100x World Announcement Tickets to you. Please accept it in seven days!"

Elsa gazed at the unexpected message. Even though she didn't know much about the game, she had heard about him.

Silent Sorrow wasn't bullying Drunk Wind because he said that he would wear the beginner suit to PK. If Drunk Wind didn't accept the PK, then he would be looked down on and shamed in this server district. However, if he accepted and lost the game, he would also be humiliated. Silent Sorrow knew how to play his cards right. He had set Drunk Wind right up and made him an offer that he couldn't refuse.

[World] Legendary Past: My group battle also starts at eight tonight!

[World] Silent Sorrow: Sweetie, I will join you after it's all ended.

[World] Merchant No.1: Ah! Ah! Ah! I'm skipping classes today. But it's worthy! Not only I have seen some amour, but I also look forward to a PK battle which the Silent Sorrow will be involved! Bet! Make a bet! Will Drunk Wind accept the PK?

[World] Legendary Past: Bet! Can I kill Merchant No.1 in three seconds?

[World] Merchant No.1: Ah! Ah! Ah! Goddess... I'm sorry!!! I withdrew what I said!

[World] Reporter's little Speaker: News Flash! Merchant No.1 is dead!

[Private] Sweet Dream: Silent Sorrow, I don't want to play the game anymore. Even though I don't know why you helped me, I thank you very much. Drunk Wind means nothing to me now.

"Silent Sorrow has sent a friend request. Accept Yes or No?"

When Elsa sent the message to thank Silent Sorrow, she received another system message. When she opened it, she saw that it was a friend request from him. She stared at the request for a moment and then clicked the 'Yes' option.

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: If you leave, I will kill him until level zero!

[Friend] Sweet Dream: ...

Charlie smiled, feeling please with Elsa's response. He then typed some words out on the keyboard and pressed, Enter.

[World] Silent Sorrow: Drunk Wind, I dare you! Hum?

Allen glared at the provocative words with eyes full of fury, and then he punched in, [World] Drunk Wind: OK! You're on!

[World] Drunk Wind: I have to say it clearly! It's not for Sweet Dream that I accept this PK! Now that Silent Sorrow has defended Sweet Dream so much, I have to prove it to At The First Sight that I have nothing to do with Sweet Dream anymore.


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