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   Chapter 1112 Extra Story 2 Of Charlie Sudden Break-up

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Elsa let out a sniffle, and sigh then clicked on the icon. The background music to the game immediately began to play. 'Dragon' was the main game promoted by Flight Media. Set in the archaic period with beautiful scenes and vivid graphics, regularly updated tasks and maps, had attracted many players. Within the two years that the game had been released, more and more players were flocking to play it.

'Sweet Dream' was Elsa's avatar. On the screen, Sweet Dream was dressed in a blue silk dress holding a beautiful fan in her hand and stood on Illusory Mountain. Each time that she signed off, Elsa would place her avatar there on the mountain. Clouds always surrounded the Illusory Mountain throughout the whole year. The peach blossom forest below was hidden by the clouds. Every time she came to the mountain veiled by the clouds, she would think, when the system published the option of Marriage, 'Drunk Wind, ' who was Allen, would propose to Elsa's avatar on that mountain.

However, before her dream came true, in the real world, Allen had dumped her.

Elsa bit her lips with tears rolling down her cheeks. She controlled Sweet Dream to walk to the edge of the cliff. It looked so beautiful that she decided to sign off here. Many other players also ended their avatar's lives here and consequently ended the game forever. If she jumped from here, she would fall and enter into the Yama's Palace and die. From there if she wanted to resurrect her avatar, she would have to buy some Ingots with real money. As a non-gamer, she wasn't planning on resurrecting her character because she didn't have any reason to continue playing now that Allen had broken up with her. So Elsa thought the best choice for 'Sweet Dream' was to jump into the Yama Palace for eternal sleep.

However, even the game made a fool of her. Just when Elsa was about to direct her avatar to jump over the edge, someone used a skill from the options and hit Sweet Dream with a magic flame causing her to freeze on the spot.

[Present] Marshmallow: Sweet Dream! You bitch. Where were you going? You hooked up with my brother-in-law. Face me!

[Present] Sourtaste: Marshmallow, don't waste time talking with her! Kill her into level zero!

[Present] Chocolatebeans:

found that Drunk Wind was online and then checked his location. He was nearby. 'You're kidding me! Does this mean that you can see everything that has been written about me?

How can you sit there and not say anything at all?' she thought bitterly.

Just when Elsa was about to send a message to Allen through the private chat box, a female swordsman dressed in leather armor and wielding the Dragon Sword stood in front of her.

It was At The First Sight!

She was the only female swordsman who managed to get the Dragon Sword in Dragon Yelling To The Sky District.

[Present] Marshmallow: Hello! At The First Sight!

[Present] Chocolatebeans: At The First Sight, Sweet Dream said that you were the home wrecker.

[Present] All People: ...

Elsa ignored what they wrote and just stared at Drunk Wind. Allen didn't block the channel, and she could see that he was still online because his avatar moved occasionally. However, he still didn't speak.

From the virtual world to the real world, they had been together for one year. In the end, Allen had cowardly broke up with her without having the decency to do it face to face but chose to tell her on the telephone. This whole time Elsa had thought that she was the one to blame for the breakup. When, in fact, he had another woman.

[Present] At The First Sight: Sweet Dream, Drunk Wind and I were going to get married in the Lover Valley today. I sent all the posts, but he suddenly said, "No." He wanted to wait until tomorrow!

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