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   Chapter 1110 Extra Story 90 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol From The Beginning To The End

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6160

Updated: 2019-07-31 09:28

Sometimes, no one could tell if one thing was right or wrong, so one would not be able to escape their mistakes and it consequences. He had been angry and annoyed with Becky, but he thought he should be responsible for her and what happened to her. Not just because she was Mol's family, but also because she was living a peaceful life now and she longed for the nicer things that life has to offer.

With the sound of the wheels of the airplane leaving the ground, the plane gradually left the scenery behind. When it was okay, Brian unfolded the safety belt for Molly carefully, and then said calmly, "Do you know where we're going this time?"

They were from the Dragon Island and they were the members of Long family, so she didn't see the boarding passes from the beginning to the end. Besides, they were through the VVIP section, so she had no idea where they were headed.

But Molly just laughed at it, pointing at somewhere in the cabin, and said with her eyebrows raised, "I will know it in less than three minutes……"

Right after Molly said this, an announcement came on. "Good afternoon, everyone. This is your captain Thompson Tang speaking. The flight is going from Dragon Island to Moonlight Island. We will be there in seven hours and five minutes."

Molly smiled a little bit wider when she heard the voice of the captain. She felt… that she would know it sooner or later. Because of that, she wasn't curious at all.

"But do you know why I chose Moonlight Island as our destination?" Brian smiled, looking at Molly with his sexy, deep-set eyes.

Molly actually had no idea and didn't know what was in Brian's mind, but she said, "Moonlight Island is one of the best resorts in the world."

Brian smiled, nodding, but didn't tell his real intention.

Moonlight Island sounded beautiful, but it had a prettier name

now. Tomorrow we will begin the story about Charlie and Evelyn.

Then, we will tell you one more story about Edgar after the story about Charlie and Evelyn.

Brief introduction of "Story about Edgar":

He was the youngest General in the SWAT team history. He was recalled back to the army because of his brilliant attack ability after he got the civilian work. That was unprecedented. Nevertheless, he had never been interested in women.

The she for him was the only child of the region army commander, known as a brilliant woman with a rough character. She was also a graduate student who majored in new missile technology.

The first time they met, he forced her under him no matter how hard she struggled. She told him that he had some moral issues.

The second time when they met, she was rescued by him as the library exploded. He told her that she had some problem with her work.

They became enemies because of these. At last, he got her and married her by tricks. He proved himself to her.

She, on the other hand, proved herself to him, what real ability she had by taking the marriage license with her.

The truth was

she had decided to marry him since he rescued her when she was a little girl!

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