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   Chapter 1108 Extra Story 88 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol From The Beginning To The End

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7443

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Since marriage, because of their kids, Molly and Brian had little time alone. They did spend every day together and had traveled a lot around the world, but those tours were just for business. They got together because of Mark. After they got married, they had one chance to travel. However, that so-called travel opportunity was to a country that had yellow dust polluting its air. Then, Molly found out that she was pregnant as soon as they arrived there. Because of that, they had no choice but to go back to XK Intelligence Agency, and wait for their baby to be born.

So, although it sounded that they had been to many places around the world, they had actually never gone to a real honeymoon trip. Molly's first reaction to Brian's remarks was confusion, then doubt, and then suspicion.

Brian just smiled at Molly's contorted face, and then said, "You know what? Let's enjoy our dinner first."

"Well then, okay!" Molly said naturally, instinctively picking up her chopsticks. There had been a lot on her mind, and that was a spontaneous answer.

"Brian, when will you set off?" Shirley suddenly asked with grin, her eyes filled with the sappiest wonder.

Molly was too wrapped up in her own thoughts to hear her. It was only when Brian responded calmly that she returned to herself. "You can go to A City while we are away."

Older people tended to be interested in the gossip. Although declined, Shirley looked more curious about them and asked again, "Where are you planning to go? Do you need some advice?"

"No." Brian immediately replied, rejecting the offer. While his tone was polite, his face darkened significantly.

Shirley felt disappointed about his reply, pouting and mumbling, then said to Richie discontentedly, "Richie, say something to your son."

Brian frowned slightly. Richie's love for Shirley had been on display for all of them to see. Even Brian was often lectured by his father because of his mom's dissatisfaction with him.

"They are adults now and they can make their own decision." To everyone's surprise, Richie didn't take Shirley's side this time. Glancing at Brian with piercing eyes by way of warning him, he then turned to Shirley, who was pretending to be angry, and sa

e took a step forward, gently tugging Molly to follow. With her hand securely in his, he said calmly, "In other news, Becky isn't in a bad situation now. Maybe the quality of her life is different from before, but her heart has been purified. Molly," he glanced at her worried face and added, "You are not Becky, so you can't determine what her life would be or tell whether she is living a peaceful life. You can't judge whether one's life is good or not from her or his appearance. You can only do that looking into someone's heart."

Molly nodded with pursed lips at his words. She understood every word he had said. In fact, people tended to force what they believed on others, which was a subconscious attempt.

Brian didn't go on about the topic. He knew that he shouldn't be so hasty and that Molly needed time to figure out everything on her own. There was no doubt in his mind that she would understand what he said one day.

Shirley was looking at the coffee shop in front of her, which was not too large or too small. There were about fifty to sixty coffee shops like this on Dragon Island. Dragon Island was not only a place where the eastern culture dwelt. To some extent, it was also a place where the cultures of East and West converged.

"I can't see my aunt," Evelyn said, her big eyes blinking and her long and dark eyelashes fluttering.

Charlie rolled his eyes and then said like an adult, "Is she off work now?" Shirley smiled in reply, but said nothing.

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