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   Chapter 1107 Extra Story 87 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Travel

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Becky furrowed her eyebrows and took a quick look at Molly. It was easy to decipher the irony behind Becky's words, and from that, Miranda confirmed that she knew the woman. She figured that perhaps they weren't enemies... nor were they friends.

From ten in the morning to three in the afternoon, Molly just sat there. During this time, Brian had called to check on her. After learning that she was at the cafe, he didn't ask anything further, but just reminded her to come back home for dinner.

"Becky, are you really not gonna talk to her?" The girl behind the counter stared at Molly. 'Is she going to wait here the entire day?' she wondered.

Miranda was standing there as well. She looked at Becky who was focused on making a Latte art for a customer. She sighed, "Becky, if there is some problem between you two, it is better to solve it right away. Escape is not the best solution."

Becky's hands stopped for a moment. Then she continued to be absorbed in her work, composure returning to her face. Every time they watched Becky doing the Latte art, they felt like it was some sort of real artwork.

Miranda had always felt that Becky wasn't as simple as she seemed to be. Although she just sat on her wheelchair most of the time, there was a special aura about her. That kind of aura only came from a being of a high social status. Dragon Island, like any other country in the world, had both rich and poor sections of society. With the development of two more areas and the growth of the population, the segregation had become wider than ever.

Because of that difference, the feeling that Becky wasn't one of them grew stronger and stronger in Miranda's mind.

When it was four in the afternoon, Molly checked the clock and decided that she could not wait any longer. She stood up abruptly and walked towards Becky. "I want to talk to you."

"We have nothing to talk about." Becky didn't know where Molly got her patience from. 'Now that she's gotten everything she wanted, why is she still after me?' Becky thought desperately. 'If she has come to mock me, then her mere presence is doing so. She doesn't even need to speak a word.'

"Regardless of what you think, I believe we need to talk." Molly had a firm look in her eye.

Becky jeered. Raising her head slowly, she looked into Molly's eyes. "Why should I talk to you?"

Brows furrowed, Molly paused for several seconds and said, "Because I have given you my eyes."

Becky's face suddenly changed colors. The waitress who happened to pass by stopped in her track in surprise, confusion, and... shock.

"Molly, if you want them back, you can have them right now," Becky said calmly. She was composed. Taking her eyes off Molly, she moved her wheelchair to take her leave.

Molly, however, blocked her way. She had to talk to her now. She might not get this chance once again. Even if Molly could find her again, she wasn't even sure whether she would have the courage to speak to Becky.

"I am sorry, could you please move aside? I still have customers to serve." Becky didn't even raise her head to talk. Her face was cold.

"I will pay for all the customers here. I will rent the cafe for the rest of the day." Molly's face also turn

e to admit that fact. But the past is in the past now. The hatred that had grown within our parents is gone, together with them. Why should we be bothered about it anymore?"

"I don't need your pity. I don't need your fake kindness either." Becky's mind was a mess. She didn't know how to face the reality—the truth. She didn't know how to face Molly. Scarcely had she finished her sentence when she rolled her wheelchair out of the fitting room. She was in such a hurry that she almost crashed into the door.

Molly just stood where she was. Sadness welled up in her eyes as she stared at Becky's back. Molly couldn't figure out if she was upset because of the way she had spoken to her. Becky didn't mock her; neither did she reject her. Those were the two things that she had anticipated Becky to do. She could feel the sorrow overflowing from Becky's heart, but she didn't know how to handle it.

When she finally came out of the fitting room, she couldn't see Becky anywhere in the cafe. Downhearted, Molly eventually left. She didn't insist on finding her at that moment. 'Perhaps...' she thought, '...we both need some time to calm down and rearrange our feelings.'

Becky had never admitted that they were a family. Now that Molly wanted to have her back, she felt that Becky was still so far away. That wasn't how she was feeling yesterday.

During dinner, Molly was indulged in her thoughts. She just mechanically put her food into her mouth. Brian noticed this, but didn't say anything for a while.

"Let's take a trip," Brian said out of the blue.

Molly's mind was in a turmoil and she was unprepared for his sudden suggestion. Taken aback, she simply stared at Brian in confusion.

"I don't have a lot of stuff going on at the Dragon Empire Group for the time being. And Shirley wants to spend some time with Charlie and Evelyn. We can ask her and Richie to take the kids back to A City, while we spend a few days traveling together. Just the two of us." He gazed affectionately at the woman he loved.

There was a faint smile at the corner of his lips. That smile soon reached her eyes, and made her indulge in his love.

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