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   Chapter 1106 Extra Story 86 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Travel

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Some memories, though distant, would stay in the heart forever, especially the painful ones, which were full of regrets.

Molly stood on the street across the cafe which she had visited the day before. She wasn't sure about her next move—should she go in or walk away? Brian's words rang in her ear. What she was really concerned about wasn't that her corneas had been donated to Becky, but the entire thing planned by Bri. She thought it might mean that Brian cared for Becky more. Now that she knew everything, she wasn't really angry anymore, and her hatred for Becky had diminished.

Just as Brian had said, she and Becky were blood kins after all. Even though neither of them liked to admit this truth, even though everything had been a mistake from the very beginning, no one could erase this bond.

Eventually, Molly walked towards the cafe. She pushed the European-style glass door open. A waitress walked to her and greeted her.

It was still pretty early in the day, so there weren't many people inside. She looked around and saw that she was the first customer. The waiters and waitresses were still preparing the tables and cleaning the floor.

"Are you here alone, Madam?" a waitress asked Molly, who was glancing around. "We are just about to open for the day. Would you like a seat next to the window?"

"I'll take that table." Molly pointed to the table where she sat yesterday and walked to it. "I would like a cup of mokka and a set of tiramisu."

"All right. Please wait for a short while," the waitress said with a warm smile. After a few minutes, she returned with the coffee and tiramisu.

"Is there a person named Becky working here?" Molly inquired after the waitress had served the food.

"Yes, Madam. Do you know Becky?" the waitress asked back. When she saw Molly's slight nod, she continued, "Becky isn't here yet. She will come in for work at 11 am."

Molly nodded again. "I'll wait for her here."

"Okay." Confused and surprised, the waitress walked away from the table. As far as she could remember, ever since Becky had started working at the cafe, no one had ever come looking for her. It was like she had no connection here, and no one ever called or texted her, either. So, wh

past. No, she couldn't return to the past. She wasn't the eldest daughter of the Yan family now, nor was she Brian Long's lover. There was no turning back.

Molly noticed that Becky was avoiding her. She thought of approaching her, but soon she gave up the idea. In the past, Molly was a blue-collar worker herself, working at various places like this cafe. She knew that everyone had his or her self-esteem, especially Becky, who had once been in the highest social hierarchy.

Sitting up straight, Molly diverted her eyes from Becky. But she didn't leave; she just sat there, staring out the window. The coffee had turned cold, and she ordered another one. When the new one turned cold, she ordered again. She lost count of the number of cups of coffee she had ordered, and the desserts had piled up on her table— a set of tiramisu, a mousse, a black forest gateau, a macaroon. To an outsider, it would have seemed like she was trying to taste every single dessert in the store.

"Becky, who is that?" Miranda couldn't resist her curiosity, which finally propelled her to ask Becky the question. Becky had always kept a relatively good relationship with everyone in the cafe, but she didn't share any deep connection or friendship with anyone in the cafe either. No one had any clue as to who she really was or where she was from. She was all alone—that was all they knew.

Becky knew that Miranda was referring to Molly. She casually replied, "Just a customer who can pay."

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