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   Chapter 1105 Extra Story 85 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Eyes

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"Do you still have harsh feelings about what happened at that time?" Brian asked, but he had no doubt about the answer. However, he wanted to hear the response from Molly.

Molly pursed her lips and gazed at Brian for quite a while, contemplating whether she should speak frankly or not. Finally, she realized that Brian wanted her to speak her mind because he always knew what she thought, and he must have known what she was thinking now.

"What if..." Molly said with a deep sigh, "I say yes?"

"Then I will tell you the truth!" Brian answered in a casual tone, but his cold, handsome face looked solemn.

"All right. I want to know... why..." Molly began. She could feel her heart beating fast in her chest, and she swallowed a lump in her throat. It was a sensitive topic for her to discuss so frankly, so Molly took a moment to compose herself. She was also afraid of what would happen when she learned the truth. Molly worried when she found out the real reason it might put a barrier between her and Brian.

However, if she didn't learn the truth, then she could go on deceiving herself and remain blissfully ignorant. She could continue convincing herself that she had only misunderstood Brian. On the other hand, if she got to know the truth, and it was what she had expected but tried to deny all these years, then things would gradually become awkward between them. That was because she would magnify everything and make a mountain out of a molehill as women tended to do.

Most women knew that it was something that they shouldn't do. When Molly encountered something that she was afraid to know about, she would try to persuade herself to ignore it, but all the while, she was eager to see the truth. Hence the old proverb; curiosity killed the cat.

The woman was a paradox! It was ingrained in her nature to be curious, and it is a habit that was hard to break.

Brian felt sorry for the unnecessary torment that Molly was putting herself through. He pulled her into his arms and held her tightly. Sighing slightly, he said, "Whenever you found a problem between us that you couldn't figure out, you would always think about it in a negative way instead of a positive one. Now you're doing the same thing again." His tone sounded somewhat helpless as if he could do nothing about it. While gently criticizing Molly, he was, in a way also criticizing himself. Had he been frank with her as soon as any problem had occurred, many things would not have happened as a consequence. He had always chosen to solve problems

eir lifetime if Brian had been enraged by her leaving.

She shuddered at the thought and struggled to get out of Brian's embrace. Standing in front of Brian, she gaped at him in disbelief with her eyes wide open and asked, "Does that mean we wasted more than four years only because of a misunderstanding?" It would take them over six lonely heartbreaking years to realize that they were meant for each other and finally come together. After the separation of more than four years, Molly had returned only to leave again after a conflict had arisen between them. That resulted in her leaving Brian once again and going to Britain taking Mark with her for two years. Right up until Molly had fallen pregnant with Charlie and Evelyn, all those years had been wasted in misunderstanding. Which could have been avoided had they only been open and honest with each other.

"More than that..." Brian said, shaking his head helplessly. Brian pulled Molly into his arms again and said with sincere regret, "I didn't imagine that a decision I made would cost us so dearly and rob us of over six precious years of spending our lives together. Perhaps I had been too conceited..." He didn't mention that there had been another factor that had played a crucial role in the reason that they had missed out on so many years together. That had been because of the rivalry between the Long family against the central government.

Richie had decided to make him understand clearly what the responsibilities of a person were required, especially a man's. However, if he hadn't fallen into a coma at that time, would Richie have been able to send Molly away successfully?

'Probably not, ' he thought.


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