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   Chapter 1104 Extra Story 84 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Eyes

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Brian took the food containers from Molly's hands and put them into the resting room inside the office. Curling her mouth, Molly said, "Your son is so terribly busy, but you're reading newspapers in such a leisurely manner."

"It's impossible for me to help him all the time," Brian said indifferently. "This is the inevitable path he has to take as a candidate of the power holder."

Brian applied different education polices to his three children. He was the strictest with Mark. Brian didn't allow him to make any mistakes. That was because he was the eldest one of the three children. He required much less from Charlie, the twin brother of Evelyn. Charlie was allowed to do whatever he was willing to do. He had more freedom to be a child. As for Evelyn, his only daughter, it could be said that Brian was spoiling her. Even if Evelyn wanted a star from the sky, he might try his best to get her one. His attitude towards the children put into practice the saying; that a son should be raised in poverty while a daughter should be raised in wealth.

Of course, the saying wasn't referring to the children in a literal sense.

In Brian's opinion, a son had to learn how to survive in a tough environment. Otherwise, they would never be able to deal with problems independently when they became men. Meanwhile, a daughter should have a colorful life. Otherwise, she would not emit the brilliance from within her.

Fast forward to many years ahead, as Brian had expected, when the boys grew up and became men, both Mark and Charlie were able to work independently. While Evelyn really gave out brilliance. However, the little daughter also grew into an iron lady, which was obviously beyond what her father had expected.

Mark had asked Molly to wait a minute, but Molly had been waiting for nearly half an hour until he had finally finished his work at hand. Sometimes Molly felt it was too tiring to be one of the sons from the Long family. If Brian had settled down in Dragon Island, as his children, maybe Charlie and Evelyn would have ended up the same as Mark, who currently had many irons in the fire.

While eating, Molly regarded the father and son. Despite the mealtime, Brian and Mark didn't stop talking about serious topics. Mark wanted to take full advan

ough she hadn't done it intentionally to hurt Becky, there was something that Molly couldn't get over and let go of. It bothered her greatly why Brian had given Becky her corneas.

Even though it had happened a long time ago and she couldn't remember all of the details but it was something that she took to heart, and it had been gnawing away at her for years. It wasn't because she was mean or held a grudge. If there were anything that remained unresolved between Brian and Molly, that would be the issue about her corneas.

All she wanted was an explanation to why Brian had given her corneas to Becky. Although Molly's eyes had healed in the end, she couldn't understand why Brian, on the one hand, had been hurting Becky and yet at the same time had been treating her well. It didn't seem to make any sense.

Brian noticed the changing expressions on Molly's face and knew the struggle that was going on in Molly's mind. He could guess what she was thinking about, as always. He had secretly arranged Becky's job at the cafe. Despite the relatively harmonious environment on Dragon Island, a disabled person couldn't always avoid being discriminated against.

The Yan Family had been punished severely, and Becky had deserved her share of the punishment. In Brian's opinion, he didn't feel sympathy for her. However, ever since he had been together with Molly, his cold heart had softened over the years. Besides, Becky was Molly's cousin. The blood relation between the two of them could never be erased.

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