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   Chapter 1103 Extra Story 83 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Eyes

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7333

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Becky stared at Molly with her sharp eyes and gradually the look in her eyes softened. She had never imagined that she would see Molly ever again in her lifetime.

Feeling surprised by the sudden change in Becky, Molly furrowed her brows. Becky didn't seem to be overbearing as she had been when Molly had last seen her. There was no look of scorn or arrogance in her either. Molly was so puzzled with the shift in attitude towards her that she couldn't even describe how she felt about it. A moment ago, Molly could see a glimmer of cruelty flash across her eyes, but that changed in a second, and Becky didn't seem to have any resentment towards her now. It was as though she had lost her soul, and Molly was a stranger to her.


"I have something to do, and I have to go. Excuse me," Becky said in a vague tone while removing her gaze from Molly and motioning the electric wheelchair to go forward.

Molly didn't say a word. She only followed Becky with her gaze and saw her enter the cafe that she had just left. Despite the resentment that still existed in her memory, Molly found she no longer hated Becky as much as before when she saw her in person.

Becky felt Molly's eyes on her the whole time, but she didn't react to Molly's stare in any way. After entering the cafe, she went inside to change her clothes, disappearing from Molly's sight. After a short while, she returned dressed in the work uniform of the employees in the cafe. Still, she moved about by controlling the wheelchair. She came to the counter, took over the tray handed to her by a work colleague, and sent the coffee on the tray to the customer who had ordered it while controlling the wheelchair with only one hand.

Nowadays, she didn't need anybody's pity nor sympathy. Everything that had happened in the past had become a flash in the pan. It was what it was there was no changing it. Becky spent five years healing her wounds both physically and mentally, and the disgust that she had once felt towards herself. She had learned to accept the way she was now. Becky didn't want to go back to the past and relive it. Now she was satisfied with her life. She lived a peaceful life and had a jo

aid. She felt sorry for her son, but she couldn't do anything about it. She looked at the time displayed on the screen of her cellphone and continued, "Okay, go on with what you're doing. I'll be there soon."

After hanging up the phone, Molly hailed a taxi and headed to a restaurant that Mark liked. She ordered some food to Mark's taste and told the waiter to package it. Then she went to the National Congress by taxi. Since Molly wasn't a member of the National Congress, she couldn't enter directly without going through certain procedures. After all, the National Congress was the place of the supreme administrative power of Dragon Island. The rules were becoming more and more systematic and regular.

Once she had arrived, Molly made a call to Mark. He instructed his secretary to go downstairs and escort Molly up. Molly didn't mind that at all. Guided by the secretary, she went to the office of the candidate for power holder. Mark not only had to study at the Royal University but also had to deal with his daily responsibilities. During the winter and summer vacations, Mark even had strict training then, both physically and mentally. As a result, it could be said that he was the busiest one among the five members of their family.

"Mommy, please give me a minute," Mark said without raising his head to look at Molly. His little hands kept typing on the keyboard of the computer. He looked more experienced now and very serious with work.

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