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   Chapter 1102 Extra Story 83 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Sisters

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It was because of this conversation with Charlie that Eric started to venture into the area of video games after a period of financial crisis. A new department was set up to focus on the said market. First, they bought the most trending video games from big companies overseas. Then, they did some changes to suit the domestic market. Gradually, a team was formed, and it eventually grew to the point that they could design their own games that encompassed the Dragon Empire Group's element.

This was also where Charlie would be working in in the future. Even before he formally returned to the National Congress, he started to be in charge of all the matters related to video games.

Brian and his family didn't stay in T City for long. On the second day they were there, before noon, they boarded the special plane owned by Dragon Empire Group to return to Dragon Island.

Whenever they came to the Dragon Island, they always felt at home. The sky was blue; the sea breeze was soothing; the streets were clean; the faces were friendly. Dragon Island was growing at a rapid pace. Originally, the number of residents there was tens of millions. After two generations, they had built more residential structures for people to live. The number of residential areas had been expanded from five to eight. The span of the island was about 300 km from east to west, and more than 500 km from north to south. Even though it was a relatively small island, no one in the world would look down on it.

After the financial crisis, Richie and Shirley didn't return to XK, but to Dragon Island instead. They all waited there for the

happened, it had been so many years and Becky had already been punished for what she had done. Although Molly still felt uneasy seeing her, there was no more hatred.

Molly got up from her seat, put the money on the table, then walked out of the cafe and walked towards Becky.

"Long time no see…" After hesitating for quite a while, Molly eventually started talking to her.

Becky was sitting on a wheelchair and raised her head to look at Molly. She had virtually lost everything. Despite the Long family giving her some support, she still lived a lonely and miserable life. However, the woman in front of her wasn't so cowardly as she was before. Her eyes were sparkling, and they seemed to be from two different worlds. Of course, they were from two different worlds since the very start. It was just that, now, they headed towards different directions.

Being stared at by Becky, Molly felt a bit embarrassed. After a while, she let out a sigh.

While she was digging her brain trying to figure out what to say, Becky spoke, her tone flat. "Right. Long time no see."

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