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   Chapter 1101 Extra Story 82 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Sisters

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When Eric was informed that Brian and his family would come, he quickly used that as an excuse to escape his busy schedule. All the rest of his meetings were passed on to Lenny. His work was a painstaking process which had lasted two months. He had had meetings after meetings, and it effectively made him sick of any more meetings. Now that it had come to an end, he didn't have to attend any for the mean time. However, as the CEO of Dragon Empire Group, he had to at least show up in some meetings, even though they didn't really concern him directly. So when Brian showed up, his happiness couldn't be matched. Brian truly became his savior!

Evelyn loved to be close to the members of the Long family, so when she saw Eric, she climbed up on him and locked him in her arms and legs. She was like a sloth while Eric was like a tree.

"How long do you still need?" Brian took a sip of the wine and asked.

Eric shrugged. "About one more week." Even though he was taking a small break then, he knew every detail about the company's next move. Since the crisis came too quickly and there had been some unexpected events, Brian couldn't control the plummeting market share. Dragon Empire Group's properties, investments and companies in Australia were badly affected. It would take a long time for the company to recover.

There were a lot of activities following the crisis, and every one of them needed the CEO of Dragon Empire Group, Eric, to sign his name. That was what kept him busy.

"The quarterly report meeting is happening soon. Can you make it?" Brian asked.

"More or less…" Eric just shrugged. The meeting for the quarterly report for the National Congress would begin in a week. If there nothing unexpected came up, he should be able to attend. "If I have time,

ctured. Was he really only four years old? Shouldn't he be only concerned about whether video games were fun or not? How could he understand the report? Why would he care about how the company operated and what the future of the company would be?

But, Charlie's words led to an unexpected result––Evelyn stopped licking the ice cream and attentively listened to her brother talking. She listened so intently that even her eyes lit up. For a few times, she opened her mouth slightly, as if trying to offer her own opinion, but she didn't find a good chance to slide in.

When Eric heard Charlie's analysis, he said to Brian, "Brian, I think we can retire now…" He had to admit that his mind couldn't keep up with the fast-growing world.

Dragon Empire Group had operations worldwide and its products covered a wide spectrum of consumers. They were concerned with every aspect of people's lives, including food, transport, houses... They also had businesses that involve the media, such as advertising and online shows. However, none of the businesses owned by the Dragon Empire Group really touched on video games. It would, indeed, attract the attention of the younger demographic.

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