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   Chapter 1100 Extra Story 81 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Sisters

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When they heard the emcee announcing, Charlie and Evelyn had totally different feelings. As the emcee spoke, Charlie glimpsed at Molly accordingly, but when he moved his eyes away, they were filled with utter dislike. Evelyn, on the other hand, reacted the complete opposite. Excitement was an understatement to describe her feelings at the moment. Even though she knew the final result, she was still able to enjoy the announcement. This was, perhaps, one of the best qualities that she had.

In total, fifteen pairs made it into the finals. Six were led by mothers while nine led by fathers. In consideration for the physical games, more families sent fathers to take part in the games instead of mothers, so naturally there were more fathers in the finals.

The games went on and on. They were so exciting that they could compare with professional games. All the kids were cheering for the participants. Interestingly enough, they either cheered for Brian or Charlie… Because of that, Molly couldn't help thinking that the men in the Long family had attracted all the attention away.

Halfway through the games, Molly and Charlie failed. The result wasn't bad, however––they got fifth place, which was significantly better that what many father-led teams got.

Charlie happily accepted the final result. Actually, he was pleasantly surprised by it. With a smile, he walked to the side with Molly, who was still gasping for air. Then, he turned his eyes to his father and his younger sister. Brian was playing the games with a relaxed demeanor, while Evelyn was chuckling and having fun. His lips curled into a satisfied smile.

As young as Charlie was, he already looked like a proper gentleman. His face wasn't as sharp as father's, but because of that, it had a sense of tenderness to it, making him less intimidating than his father. If Brian could be described as the type of person who would be cold to anyone who tried to get close to him, Charlie was the type that everyone would love to be friends with. However, beneath the lovely surface, he still had the evil Long blood.

After a while, the games ended. Even though the results were as everybody expected, everyone was still excited to hear them. In this contemporary world where one's appea

if he wanted to merge with her.

The following day was another sunny day. All the families, except for Molly, were revitalized.

Lying on the chair and watching the clouds passing by, she felt her entire body was broken into pieces. There was one thing that she couldn't quite understand. How could Brian be so energetic? He almost spend the entire night making love to her! Now it seemed like he was revived, fresh like he just slept a whole 15 hours, while she felt like she was dead.

"Do you want some milk?" Brian asked.

Exhausted, Molly simply answered, "I just want to sleep." She tried hard to open her eyes, but eventually, she gave in and kept them closed.

A kiss suddenly landed on her face. The man was heartbroken to see his love being so tired. To make up for the exhaustion Molly was feeling, Brian adjusted his chair to let her sleep in a more comfortable position and signaled at the stewardess to give them a blanket.

Charlie and Evelyn were sitting together, watching cartoons. Of course, Charlie had no interest in such "silly" shows, but since Evelyn enjoyed that, he just pretended that he was interested in watching them as well.

From A City to the Dragon Island, it would take more than three hours of direct flight. But Brian didn't choose the direct flight and they had a connecting flight at T City. Because Brian and his families were having a break, and Eric was in T City as well to finish up the things with The Flight Media, Brian decided to pay him a visit.

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