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   Chapter 1099 Extra Story 80 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Care

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After her reply, Molly had been waiting for him to say something. However, when Brian fell into silence, she hurried to explain, "I thought you were just too tired, so I didn't push you… Moreover, I want you to realize your 'sin'. It seems that it's true that man can't sustain."

To a man, it was an ultimate insult to say that he couldn't sustain, especially in sexual intercourse. This was even so for Brian, an extremely proud man.

When Molly readied herself to get up, she was pressed against the bed by Brian again. Evidently, he was triggered by the remark so he wanted to prove to her whether he could "sustain" or not.

"Come on Bri, it's time the kids get released from the kindergarten. I need to pick them up now." With all her strength, Molly tried to stop the irritated man from his further actions.

However, the man wouldn't allow. While he thrust into her body again, Molly screamed in excitement. He murmured to her ear, "Ask Vincent to get the kids."

Seeing that he was not listening to her, Molly wanted to say something, but Brian wouldn't give her another chance. Eventually, all the sounds she made turned into stimulating sounds that would raise his sexual desire. She couldn't help herself from groaning and moaning with each passionate pleasure that Brian gave her. Obscene activities went on and they both enjoyed the wild and quite aggressive lovemaking.

After Vincent received the message sent by Brian when he was actually busy enjoying his wife, he immediately went to the kindergarten. Evelyn wasn't really happy because she was actually expecting her Mom to be there. She remembered that her Mom had promised her to pick her up, but it turned out that it was Vincent who came to pick them up.

The disgruntlement, though, was quickly thrown to the back of her mind when she heard from Vincent that her father was back.

Charlie looked at the excited girl, and said in dissatisfaction, "Dad is back, but shouldn't you be concerned that why they didn't come together to pick us up?"

With her eyebrows raised a little, Evelyn sat properly on the seat of the car, inclined her little head, winked her big eyes, and answered in a serious tone, "Dad is busy. After he comes back, he must have some rest first. Moreover, we are going home anyway. We can see him soon!"

Realizing that her sister had a point, Charlie rolled his eyes. Sometimes, he couldn't really get what his little sister was thinking. Perhaps, the way she thought was merely dictated by her emotions. Knowing her sister, Charlie could almost be sure that if their Dad couldn't make it back before the

meone has to be the last, right?" Realizing that her son was rather right, Molly didn't know how she should describe her feelings. She despised the thought that she was disliked by her own son, who was less than four years old. How ridiculous that was!

The game was her chance, she had to prove to her son that she was a capable mother as well. Being a woman who had survived the hell-like training by the five Golden Flowers for two years, she had a lot of stamina. However, in terms of IQ, there may be a problem for her. But her son was a genius! They would complement each other just perfectly!

After one round, Molly paired up with Charlie. As what Molly had anticipated, Charlie quickly solved all the problems that required thinking. She only helped in physical games. It was only in the deep squatting that required her to utilize her physical strength alone. In the end, they won third place in this group and made into the finals.

Surely they were the most shining family in the competition though Molly and Charlie hadn't bagged the first place. All the teachers and parents were awed by Charlie and Brian. How they wished that they could have Charlie as their son and Brian as their husband!

The reaction from the crowd was somewhat expected. Brian wasn't that type of person who liked to stand out from the crowd, but he chose to do it simply for Evelyn. Charlie, though on the surface he seemed to be gentle and friendly, was a proud person by nature. One would be lucky to be his friend. If he didn't like the person, it would be impossible for him or her to be close to him.

"Now, the top three families in different groups, please come to the stage.

We will be having the finals soon!" the teacher announced.

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