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   Chapter 1098 Extra Story 79 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Care

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While Harrow was nonplussed, the secretary handed him a piece of sandwich and a bowl of porridge. Having noticed the confused look on Harrow's face, she giggled and explained, "Mrs. Molly Long ordered the delivery for Mr. Brian Long. She also ordered some for us." Then she beamed at Brian, her boss. She couldn't help feeling that only caring for each other would make the relationship last long, just as how Molly and Brian cared for each other. The secretary couldn't help but admire the love they had for each other and smiled at the thought of it.

It was at midnight in Australia, so in A City, the time should be about four o'clock in the morning. No one would normally wake up at this time. However, Mrs. Brian Long had actually pre-ordered supper for Brian as well as all his subordinates. This was enough to make everyone touched, not to mention Mr. Brian Long himself.

The secretary left the room. It was a nice time for everyone to take a small break amidst the busy work. The employees, including the staff in the secretary's room, and the other staff on different levels of the building, all felt warmed by Molly's act of kindness. One's identity and place would determine one's power. Brian Long, the owner of the Dragon Empire Group, when facing the crisis, had to use some cold-blooded and brutal approach to save his business. For the employees in the company, though they didn't have such power, they still could survive the crisis by devoting themselves to the company and helping Brian with his fight in the best way that they could.

In the Dragon Empire Group, every person would be recognized for his or her skills and had a chance to make use of the skills to make a contribution to the company as a whole. Whereas in other companies, the companies might not explore the potential of its employees, so it had to sack a portion of its people due to financial constraint. Consequently, the employees who stayed would worry about their future, thus the efficiency of work would be diminished. Whilst in the Dragon Empire Group, everyone, including the leader, was all united together to solve the problem. The company believed that sacking its employees would only result in the short-term relief of the pressure from the

ed to be tired. Every time they enjoyed their sensual night, she would be so exhausted that she literally couldn't lift her arms after the lovemaking, but he, on the other hand, would still be vigorous and energetic. For a moment, he would continue with his work and leave her on the bed to have a brief rest. Afterward, he would come back to her and resume the intimate process. Never had she seen him being so exhausted like he was now.

Molly kept still as well, to allow Brian to rest while on top of her. She heaved some of his hair, turned her head, and left a gentle kiss on his chin.

When he fell asleep, it was around 11 o'clock in the morning. It was not until nearly 5 o'clock in the afternoon that he finally woke up. When he opened his eyes again, he surprisingly found himself sleeping on Molly's body. The beauty had been bearing his weight for almost six hours, and he felt sorry for her.

Frowning, he looked at Molly with some smile in his eyes and asked annoyingly, "Even if you didn't want to wake me up, why didn't you just push me away?"

"You are too heavy…" With a teasing smile on her face, Molly simply replied.

Feeling guilty with how he had fallen asleep in the middle of their lovemaking, Brian turned remorseful. Sex should be a really important part of being a couple. No matter how tired he was, he couldn't just stop halfway and just fell asleep. It wasn't really about him not accomplishing his duty, but rather It was about his self-esteem as a man.

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