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   Chapter 1097 Extra Story 78 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Care

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Referring to what Molly had just said, Ximena's understanding of Aaron's character was the most pleasant surprise he had obtained. Hearing it from Molly, Aaron was pleased to know that at least his wife was in some ways proud of him. Lately, there had been a knot between the two of them, which prevented them from being close and intimate to each other. Eventually, now with what Ximena had told Molly, Aaron assumed that she was gradually untying the knot herself. How wonderful that was for Aaron!

As days and months passed by, the effect of the financial crisis in the economy had created a chain effect. Because of the rapid globalization, economies in other parts of the world were more or less affected as well. Unfortunately, Dragon Empire Group's big projects were all based in Australia. Naturally, it wouldn't be an easy thing to bounce back to the right track after hitting ground bottom.

With the crisis at hand, all the manpower of the Dragon Empire Group had been utilized to the fullest in preparation for surviving the major fall back. It was an unprecedented challenge for the company, yet it was not the first time that the Dragon Empire Group was in its most vulnerable state and in the most perilous situation since its establishment. The company had been through many tribulations and so far survived all of them. The bosses and all the employees were with high hopes that this one too would pass. If there was one challenge to the company that could be compared to this one, it must be the oil exploration at Sun Island during Richie's term. But they were different in nature, yet one could say that when it comes to the worst effects in the company both crisis were at par with each other. First, oil exploration wasn't really a problem relating to the company itself. Second, Richie was fully prepared for that. Thus, when he accepted to take over XK, he had requested to merge Mr. Xie's businesses, except for those which were in the dark. The incident gave birth to the company's merger with the Dragon Empire Group. As a result, the Dragon Empire Group wouldn't have to risk a lack of funding due to the oil project. To sum it all up,

. "I've already instructed the secretary to prepare milk for me instead of coffee. I will have some supper as well."

Upon hearing that, Molly felt a mix of feelings in her heart. She intended to care for Brian, but it turned out he had to console her. She didn't want that to happen in fear that she might disturb him in whatever important tasks he was doing. "I will ask the secretary to keep an eye on you!" Molly said firmly.

The smile on Brian's face turned into a grin. "Sure."

Nothing could expel more tiredness away than Molly's words, and nothing could replace her care and concern for him. She was the most special person in the world, his Mol, his love.

Extremely worried, Molly continued to nag him until she felt she had occupied too much of his time already, then she hung up the call. With the call done, Molly was saddened and suddenly felt that she terribly missed Brian. She had to hug herself and imagine that Brian was giving her the warmest embrace while kissing her on the forehead. Moly lingered at the moment and wished that her husband was just there with her.

When Brian placed his phone on the table, the secretary had brought him the supper which was just delivered there, and a cup of hot milk. Harrow felt a bit strange. It was less than five minutes since he gave the staff in the secretary room a call through the internal line. How could the secretary be that fast? Could she predict the future?

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