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   Chapter 1096 Extra Story 77 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Crisis

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Every member of the Long Family strongly believed that they could perform better in a tough battle as long as they were well-rested and full of energy. The Longs would never leave a problem unsolved or unattended for another day, as it could grow into an unsolvable problem resulting in disastrous consequences.

"Alas! If only Little Molly's lovely breakfast would greet me when I wake up..." Eric mumbled while throwing himself into the soft bed wantonly. After a while, he added, "Waking up to Princess Evelyn's sweet kiss would be the best thing ever!"

He was amusing himself with his wild imagination. Thinking about the sweet scene was his way of feeling happiness. He was so exhausted, he fell asleep with a smile at the corners of his lips as soon as he closed his eyes.

Lenny made sure that Eric had fallen asleep before she closed the door for him as quietly as possible. After making sure that everything was in its place, she allowed herself some rest on the sofa of Eric's office. The only difference was that despite being exhausted, she was completely sleepless, unlike Eric.

She accidentally overheard Eric mumbling to himself and she realized that Eric hadn't really gotten over his separation from Molly.

It wasn't a long time before the night turned into a new day. Due to the financial crisis at present, everyone, whether they were white-collar employees or company management, seemed to get up much earlier than before. It was as if no one could sleep until the problem was put to rest. When the sun rose gradually from the east, they were supposed to have breakfast at home or at restaurant near the office, but the fact was that they ate sandwiches, bread or biscuits casually in the company while dealing with the affairs at hand and waiting for the market opening. Their hope was that large groups would not be affected by the crisis in Australia. Otherwise, the small enterprises would suffer too as a consequence.

Eric slowly fluttered his eyes. He was too tired to get up. It was just a few minutes past seven o'clock. Since the market wouldn't open until a few more hours, he decided to stay in bed a little longer. Besides, as the top decision maker of the company, there was nothing he could do even if he got up now.

However, for some reason, he had not been able to sleep for quite a while. Every other minute he'd feel something warm on his face. He tried rolling over the other side, but even that didn't help. At first, he thought he was just dreaming, but in the end he could no longer ignore it. All of a sudden, he opened his eyes wide, only to find a pair of big, round eyes blinking curiously at him. Surprised by Eric's sudden reaction, the person looked over her shoulder to see if her gasp had alerted anyone.

"Uncle Eric, are you awake yet?"

Evelyn's sweet and soft voice sounded like music to his ears. Eric

lood, sweat and tears vanish in the space of a day, could do nothing but commit suicide to release them from sadness. That was just how cruel reality was.

"Alas..." Ximena sighed, sitting on a sofa with a pillow in her arms. As the twins had to go back to school, she and Molly had come back to A City for a week. They were no longer in the mood to go shopping or have fun as every other day they would hear news about the death of the people directly affected by the financial crisis.

Molly poured a cup of water for Ximena. Slowly, she said, "All the news channels like to exaggerate the situation a bit. We'd better believe our men more than the news."

Ximena took the cup of water over and took a look at Molly. Curling her mouth, she said, "It's not that I don't believe Aaron..." She paused to take a sip. Leaning her back against the sofa, she continued, "Sometimes when I think that he has to care about how I feel while having so many things to deal with at work, I feel sorry for him..." All her life she had to fight for her survival and that experience had made her firm as a rock. But now that she was living high on the hogs, things had changed drastically for her. However, if she hadn't seen how hard Aaron had been working, devoting his mind and body, when she had gone to T City with Molly, she would have never understood what kind of a man he was.

As a matter of fact, she hadn't been able to let go of the past, even though she said that she would try to forgive the sins of the previous generation. However, how could she blame him, a man who loved her and tried his best to be accepted by her, for the mistake made by his mother? That wouldn't be fair to him.

Molly sensed the perturbation on Ximena's face and said, "Perhaps your understanding and sympathy for him would be just the surprise he needs while he is doing his best to help the Dragon Empire Group this time..."


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