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   Chapter 1094 Extra Story 75 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Crisis

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7404

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"Mr. Eric Long, long time no see," a cold voice came through from the other end of the phone.

Eric allowed the glimmer of a smile to show on his face. "Do you have something to say to me?" he asked.

"Kind of..." Aaron answered, standing in front of the window of the CEO's office on the top floor of Leng's Corporations and steadily staring down at the urban landscape of QY Island, all the way to the seaside where land met the sea. "I've always paid my dues by helping the people who treat me well and exacting revenge on those who hurt me. Dragon Empire Group has helped me, and of course I remember your generosity. For that, I am grateful to you."

The phone call from Aaron was quite a surprise for Eric, but what he said on the phone surprised Eric even more. Perhaps, he wasn't expecting this because Aaron was a close friend of Brian's, not his. However, the real reason why Dragon Empire Group had agreed to open an amusement park in QY Island was because it was a lucrative location. Sometimes the line that separated, right from wrong, advantageous or disadvantageous, was ambiguous and difficult to ascertain. However, when considering the situation in QY Island then, by agreeing to open an amusement park there, Dragon Empire Group had rescued Aaron from an extremely undesirable situation.

At any case, the current situation at Dragon Empire Group was far from stable compared to what it had been, due to the crash of the stock market and the global financial crisis. If Aaron stood forward to give him a helping hand right now, his help would play an important role in helping them gain control over the situation, even though it would be impossible to solve all of the problems Dragon Empire Group was facing. On the contrary, it was important to note that, if Aaron were to make a mistake, the Leng's Corporations would risk getting involved in the crisis. In other words, it was quite risky for Aaron to offer help at the moment, but surely he was well aware of it. Nevertheless, Aaron made a conscious decision to give Eric a call on his own accord, which obviously went beyond paying a debt of gratitude, as he had put it.

However, Eric was a shrewd businessman who was clearly good at

as just recently taken over the reins, he has proved his ability by moving forward in a strong and steady manner." Perhaps it was because Dragon Empire Group was related to her family, or perhaps it was because she subconsciously believed that there was no obstacle the members of the Long Family could not overcome, she said all these in a somewhat proud tone. "I believe that Eric and Brian will handle everything by tackling the problem together. Besides..." Molly winked at Ximena and continued, "Your man is offering help!"

Ximena pouted, but she felt quite pleased with herself in her heart. As Aaron's lover, she felt proud of him. She and Aaron hadn't gone through just as many hardships as Molly and Brian, but she knew clearly what to love and what to hate. Although she and Aaron had to avoid some issues because of what had happened in the past, she knew clearly that it concerned mostly members of the previous generation. As a result, she didn't want that to affect her own life and happiness.

"Why don't we give them a surprise by visiting them at T City?" Ximena suggested.

Molly had no reason to object. In fact, she was quite excited by the idea. The twins were going to have a week's holiday from the day after tomorrow. She could take them to visit Eric and relieve him from the pressures of work for a while. Moreover, Shirley had told her that she and Richie were planning to go to T City. All in all, it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time.

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