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   Chapter 1093 Extra Story 74 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Child

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After hearing Brian's inference, Ximena shrugged. She had a sip of the cocktail "Endless Melancholy", then found that she did indeed feel very melancholy at the moment. All of a sudden, she understood what Molly had meant when she said that Brian had a knack of reading people's minds so she couldn't hide anything from him.

"Set your mind at ease. I haven't told Mol yet..." Brian said as if he saw through what Ximena was thinking.

Ximena's eyes widened in shock for a second and mumbled in a low voice, "Is there any difference?" Then she pulled out her cellphone from her handbag and was about to call Molly when Brian interrupted her.

"I'm going back home. Would you like to go there with me?" he asked.

Ximena didn't want to go with him because she felt a little uneasy that Brian had been reading her thoughts all along. "No, it's okay. I'll stay here," she answered.

Despite her protest, in the end, Ximena went to the guest room to collect her luggage and then went back to Brian's villa with him. When they arrived, Molly had just put the twins to sleep. She walked out of their bedroom and was going to go downstairs to drink some water when suddenly her eyes caught sight of someone familiar entering the villa.

At first, Molly thought she was seeing things and closed her eyes and opened them to refocus. When she opened them, she saw clearly that it was without any doubt, Ximena. Her eyes were as wide as saucers, and she called out with excitement, "Ximena!"

Ximena glanced up to see Molly dressed in leisure wear running down the stairs towards her, and she opened her arms wide with a broad smile on her face to embrace her. The friendship between women was quite different from that between men. If two men were close friends, they would have a drink together. If two women were close friends, they liked to be together all the time and as close as possible, just like conjoined twin babies.

"I have something to do at Grand Night. You two have fun chatting, but don't stay up too late," Brian said when the two women finally released their grip on each other.

"Okay, go ahead," Molly said.

Brian raised an eyebrow at Molly's response, and he didn't know if he should laugh or cry. It was evident that the biggest rival for a husband was his wife's best friend, which was even more challenging to win over than a male rival in love. He looked at the two women

ousin Brian, you should have gone there earlier. After all, the trouble was caused by you."

"Then you'd better go by yourself!" Brian said.

"Wait a minute," Eric said with hast, as he felt that Brian was about to hang up the phone. "All right. I'll invite you over for dinner when you come back!" Although he had said that Brian or Emp had caused the trouble, he knew clearly that this crisis would have been more severe if Emp hadn't stepped in to help. All these problems at present would have been under control if the opening quotation had not been delayed for ten minutes. That was the only difference.

Now that Brian was going to Australia to solve the problems there, Eric would no longer need to worry about that region and could deal with problems in other places. For the time being, the Dragon Empire Group could not afford to make any mistakes. Otherwise, it would be more difficult for him to nationalize the four prominent families on Dragon Island.

The National Congress was unyielding based on the great influence of the Dragon Empire Group in the whole world. Once such an influence disappeared, the four families might align with each other, which would cause endless trouble in the future.

"Inform the four, conference in half an hour," Eric said to the executive director while pointing at four countries on a map.

The executive director answered yes. Then he ordered somebody to contact the senior executives responsible for the branches in those four countries to attend a video conference in half an hour. Meanwhile, Eric received an unexpected phone call.


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