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   Chapter 1092 Extra Story 73 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Child

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With the roar of the engine, the airplane Ximena was on glided into the sky, leaving a streak of white smoke. It was late in the afternoon when the same airplane touched down at A City airport.

To surprise Molly, Ximena didn't call to inform Molly of her arrival. Instead, she hailed a taxi.

"Miss, where are you going to?" the taxi driver asked.

"Grand Night Casino!" Ximena answered.

The taxi driver glanced at Ximena in the rearview mirror and shook his head secretly. As he began to drive, he couldn't help but let out a sigh when he thought about all the people that had requested to be driven directly from the airport to the casino. As a normal person, he couldn't understand the addiction of gambling, and he assumed that Ximena was just another victim of it.

When the taxi had arrived in the urban area, it was already getting dark, and the street lamps began to light up one by one. Grand Night Casino was located in Moonlight Street, which was the most bustling street in A City, especially at night. As the taxi passed through the street, the body of the taxi looked particularly colorful under the myriad of neon lights.

Ximena got out of the taxi by the side of the road in front of Grand Night Casino. First, she checked in at the hotel department of Grand Night Casino and left her luggage in a guest room. Then she went downstairs to the hall and converted some chips. She didn't know much about gambling, though she had been to the Grand Night Casino in QY Island together with Aaron several times. When Molly had visited QY Island, the two women mostly frequented amusement venues rather than the casino and the only times that they had entered Grand Night Casino was to look for Brian.

After strolling around the hall on the first floor, Ximena had finally stopped by the roulette. She sat in a vacant seat by the roulette wheel. She thought that roulette was the best choice for her since she knew nothing about gambling. After all, roulette didn't involve many gambling skills but did involve the calculation of probability.

Although she was a top ranking fashion designer, she wasn't good at calculating probabilities. That had been confirmed, by the chips that lay in front of her. Ximena had converted thousands of dollars into casino

or her."

Upon hearing the voice, Ximena and the bartender looked in the direction that the voice was coming from at the same time. Ximena turned to see Brian a few meters behind her. He looked at her with his deep eyes and a faint smile.

"Mr. Brian Long!" the bartender greeted him with a slight bow.

With one of her arms on the counter, Ximena looked around but couldn't see Molly anywhere. Finally, she fixed her eyes on Brian. "You knew I would come?" she asked in confusion.

Brian shook his head and sat down on a stool beside her. The bartender poured a glass of wine and placed it in front of him. Brian said, "When you checked yourself into the hotel, the staff informed me then."

Ximena let out a chuckle. "Mr. Brian Long, aren't you too busy to be pestered about trivial matters such as that?"

Her words sounded a bit sarcastic but in a joking way. As the leader of the casino, if he were to be informed of all the minor details about the operation of the casino, such as who checked-in then he would probably have died at work by now.

"Only for you," Brian said with a slight smile as he picked up the glass of wine and had a sip. "In consideration of your short temper, I thought you would most likely come even if it weren't today. You would come in a day or two. I assume you wanted to surprise Mol, so you wouldn't book in at Smile Hotel. There aren't many guest rooms in Grand Night Casino, but all of them are available for VIP. Of course, staying here would be your first choice."

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