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   Chapter 1091 Extra Story 72 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Child

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Molly asked all of a sudden while looking at Cora.

Cora's smile turned into a sneer as soon as she heard the question. She shot a sideways glance at Molly and asked, "Does this have anything to do with you?" Her tone sounded repelling.

However, it seemed that Molly didn't mind it at all. "Since you smiled so happily, I guessed that it should have something to do with me. Right?" Molly said with a wink as if to say, 'Just admit it. I won't mock you.'

Cora was stunned by what Molly had said for a moment. Then Cora narrowed her eyes at her. She decided not to say anything more and turned her attention to the magazine that was in her hand, ignoring Molly completely. However, Cora wasn't in the mood to read, and she couldn't concentrate on anything at the moment. Instead, she stared blankly at the same page until it was time to go downstairs for dinner.

After having dinner together with the God of Gamblers and Cora, Brian and Molly escorted them to the airport. Standing in front of the big glass window of the VIP room in the airport, Molly watched the plane that the God of Gamblers and Cora were on slowly taxiing the runway before takeoff. She let out a sigh when she had remembered something.

"What's the matter?" Brian asked in a soft voice.

Molly shook her head, indicating that it was nothing serious. With complicated emotions in her eyes, she answered slowly, "I just feel that there are so many helpless moments in life." After saying that, she gazed at Brian with a bitter smile on her lips.

She felt bitter for Cora rather than herself. When Molly thought of everything that Cora had been through from the beginning to the bitter end, she found that she could justify all of Cora's actions. At least she had tried her best to stand up for herself. Had Molly done the same as soon as she met Brian, perhaps they would have avoided the many hardships and pain that they endured along the way and could have been married much sooner.

Of course, Brian knew what Molly was thinking as he always did. He let out a small sigh and took her hand in his and said in a soft voice, "Let's go."

Molly nodded and followed him out of the VIP room. She glanced down at their joined hands and felt warm inside and secure.

It was a long way from the air


Slowly, the car came to a halt in the underground parking lot of Emp. However, even after such a long journey, the two women were still on the phone to each other. Brian didn't interrupt them. Instead, he waited patiently for them to finish. He had to go into his office and if Molly went upstairs with him while she was still chatting on the phone to Ximena, who knows what Harrow might hear coming out of Molly's mouth.

It wasn't until about ten minutes later that the phone call finally seemed to be coming to an end. With a slight sigh, Molly said, "It's up to you. If you can come, let me know in advance."

"Okay," Ximena said, curling her mouth and sighing slightly too. Then she said abruptly, "I've got to go. See you later!"

Without waiting for Molly's response, she hung up. Ximena sat on the bench, deep in thought. Then all of a sudden, she stood up and dialed a number. As soon as the phone was answered, she said, "Hello, it's Ximena Mo, I'd like to book an airline ticket to A City... Yes, I want to take the afternoon flight out. Okay, thank you!"

Molly didn't expect that Ximena would come so soon. Certainly, Ximena's spontaneous act also went beyond Aaron's expectation. When he went home after work that day, he found that Ximena wasn't there. Instead, he found a note left by Ximena, telling him that she was going to A City and spending some time with Molly to relax. She also wrote on the note that he'd better not disturb the reunion of the two women by following her to A City.

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