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   Chapter 1090 Extra Story 71 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Trap

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"I don't care about your promises. Actions speak louder than words." Brian turned around and waved his hands, gesturing to be left alone before sitting down on his chair.

Jason walked forward to escort Mr. Gao and his followers out of the room. But just as he was about to leave, Mr. Gao couldn't help looking at the monitor screen again. Watching those wealthy people throw chips like worthless coins and spend money like water, exhilarated him. Suddenly, gambling seemed so interesting to him that he would even give up Moonlight Street just to give it a shot.

It seemed as though Brian had adopted slower measures with regards to this issues, as exactly one month later, Mr. Gao came to realize that he was trapped in a web Brian had woven for him right under his nose. From the very beginning, the trap was set when he was first brought to the monitoring room by Brian.

As the saying goes, "Natural disasters can be forgiven, but self-made ones can never be excused." Mr. Gao was punished by his own greed. Brian left a large piece of pie right before his eyes, which he could only watch, but never taste or eat. As a result, his greed continued to grow and eventually he became reckless enough to take unnecessary risks. The ultimate result was to bring about their own destruction.

Everything fell into its designated place within time. Brian took care of Emp, Grand Night Casino and XK Intelligence Agency, all on his own. Apart from work, he either stayed at home or took the twins back and forth between school and home. His whole life had become a commute between three places:

workplace, home, and the kindergarten.

Ever since what happened the last at the kindergarten, Jerome ended up transferring to another school. Tyron being detained had a strong impact on his child. Today's Br

a deep sigh. It sounded like he was depressed about something. If Shirley was still single when they had met, would there be a chance for him to be in a relationship with her? Perhaps she would've given birth to his child, too, just like she had given Richie Brian.

Nevertheless, he knew that these were nothing but the sad ramblings of an old man whose life had passed him by. Everyone had a different story and a different ending. It was a universal truth.

All the while, Cora never uttered a single word, as if she wasn't even there. The others were engaged in a private conversation, while she drank her coffee and flipped through the pages of a magazine, like a person who didn't fit in her surroundings.

In the end, whether she liked it or not, she had admitted that she lost. But just like her father said, she needed to bid farewell to the past and leave it all behind! Perhaps, playing nice and giving them compliments was asking too much of her... After all, she wasn't that generous. There was a part of her that still wished to witness any kind of slip-up on their behalf.

The mere thought of it brought a naturally comforting smile in Cora's face.

"What are you laughing at?".

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