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   Chapter 1087 Extra Story 68 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Old Acquaintance

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7287

Updated: 2019-07-26 09:50

The man with the spiky hair withdrew his sight from the bald man. With his arms crossed over his chest, he stood still at the door. About a quarter hour later, the young man came back swinging his hands which had just been washed clean. Hearing the voices from inside, he could not help but roll his eyes. With a sly smile, he said, "It's been so long, and our boss is still going at it. Did he take some drug?"

The man with the spiky hair gave him a grim look, but didn't say a word. The bald man had guessed correctly. In order to drive his woman crazily happy, their boss usually took a strong drug which he had brought back from abroad some time ago. According to the statistics drawn by Connection, this drug had been selling well recently. Considering the high incidence rate of impotence these days, they believed that it was a good choice to further increase their profitability.

While the two attendants outside the door kept watch, the first glimmer of dawn appeared in the red sky. Meanwhile, the moans inside the room had changed into rough snores.

Just when the sun had risen, a senseless attendant ran upstairs in a hurry with something in his hand. He was creating too much noise, as if his ass were on fire.

"Fuck! If you wake the boss, you are dead. But I don't want to be killed with you, so shut the hell up!" the young bald man cursed the panting man. He was so angry that he even slapped him.

The man who had come running in a panic had just realized that he had caused a ruckus. He was unwilling to submit to the bald man, but he dared not retort. The bald man was their boss' bodyguard. Being a bodyguard was not a high position, but he was the one who could always follow their boss around. So, the position was somewhat important—like a eunuch who stood by the emperor in ancient times.

He took pleasure in secretly comparing the bald man to a eunuch. Then in a hurry, he said, "Mr. Brian Long has sent word that he wants to meet with our boss!"

"Mr. Brian Long?" the bald man asked for confirmation. When the attendant nodded, he asked with a frown, "Why does Mr. Brian Long want to meet with our boss?"

Connection had conquered the who

oment. Then he nodded and closed the door. He was surprised because the top floor was the general control room of the Grand Night Casino. Nobody except the senior executives of the casino were allowed to enter that place. He didn't know why Brian chose to meet people from Connection at such an important place. Despite his confusion, he led the people from Connection to the top floor without any hesitation. He believed that Brian must have his own reason.

Perhaps it was because he was afraid of entering Brian's territory, the boss of Connection had brought about a dozen people with him aside from his two bodyguards.

Jason sneered. Ordinary people might be frightened by these gangsters, but they meant nothing in here. The boss of Connection had really underestimated the power of the Grand Night Casino.

There was a quick knock on the door.

Brian said plainly, "Come in." When the door was pushed open, he looked at the people from Connection. Only a few of them had been led to the top floor—the leader of Connection and his woman, the man with the short spiky hair and another man, who looked fair and clean, except for a startling scar on his face.

Brian's falcon eyes fell on the leader's woman. She pretended to be calm, but she was looking around restlessly, as if she were searching for something. Brian raised his eyes slightly and said, "Mol isn't here. Even if she were here, I'm afraid she wouldn't recognize you."


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