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   Chapter 1086 Extra Story 67 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Old Acquaintance

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7435

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Under Brian's deep gaze, Molly nodded by instinct. He had always been able to make her feel safe. However, when they reached home, they realized that having a good night's sleep might not be possible right away. They heard painful whining from within the house before they even opened the door.

Looking at each other tacitly, Brian and Molly opened the door and walked into the house silently. The living room was a big mess.

Vincent was lying on his stomach, while little Evelyn was sitting on his back. She pulled his collar with her little hands and questioned him angrily. But her words were all in a mess and she spoke illogically. It was difficult to understand what she was saying, even for her parents.

Meanwhile, Charlie was watching the scene from the sofa. Serving as his sister's interpreter, he said, "Evelyn is asking who that woman is."

The expression on Vincent's face indicated that he was begging for their mercy. He looked like he was about to break down. Of course, he was only pretending to butter up to the little devil on his back. "I really don't know. Even if I knew, I couldn't tell— Ouch!"

he let out another fake scream when Evelyn raised her hips and then sat back again abruptly on his back. With a self-satisfied look on her face, she said complacently, "I will keep crushing you until you tell me!"

A small smile flashed across Vincent's eyes as he said, "Miss Evelyn, I really don't know." As he played with the little angel, he thought, 'Mr. Brian Long is so lucky to have such a lovely daughter.'

After listening in to the conversation between the twins and Vincent, Brian and Molly had a rough understanding of what was going on. As their eyes met, both of them smiled helplessly at each other. Vincent had always been a cruel and bloodthirsty man in everyone's eyes. But now, he was willing to be bullied by Evelyn, and he even seemed to be enjoying it. It was a happy surprise.

At that moment, Vincent's eyes fell on Brian and Molly, who were standing at the door. When he looked at them, the envy and jealousy in his eyes could no longer be hidden. The couple smiled at his situation.

"Vincent, if you envy me so much, why don't you find a good woman and have a ba

ion and distribution. It was not difficult to imagine how much profit they were making.

"Our boss and his woman have been doing it so violently every day. They are enjoying, while we are stuck here to keep watch at the door," a young bald attendant, who was smoking his cigarette, complained when he heard the clear passionate and arousing moans of sex from inside. He felt his penis twitch in his pants as he listened to her moans.

Next to him was a man who looked about seven or eight years older. He had short spiky hair, a square face, and he wore a black shirt, which clearly outlined his projecting muscles. He was much stronger than the young bald man. After listening to the bald man, he hummed and said, "If you're so anxious, you can go satisfy your need." He lowered his eyes to look at the bald man, whose penis had stood up, forming a small tent in the trousers.

The bald man looked down at his trousers too. He felt no shame at all. On the contrary, he touched the bulge with his hand and said, "I can't do anything about it. I am in the green. Listen to those moans. How can I control my raw emotions after hearing that day after day?" He looked at the man with the spiky hair and said, "I'm going to take care of this. You keep watch for a while." He walked towards the men's room at the end of the corridor, without waiting for the other man's response. He mumbled to himself, "Our boss really doesn't care about us. I have no choice but to do this myself."

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