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   Chapter 1084 Extra Story 65 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Destiny

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5602

Updated: 2019-07-26 00:13

After this incident, the street suddenly became quiet. After the sounds of the police siren drifted away, two people came out from the small flower bed nearby.

"She is not alert at all..." A young man whose hair was dyed yellow said, pouting. "I should have put more drugs. Alas. This would just get her fined or be held for a few days. It's useless." Regret was all over his face.

A woman stood next to him. By shape, the person was a woman. But then the face was covered by a baseball cap, so her face could not be recognized.

The person didn't speak, but a smile appeared on her face. It was cunning, knowing, and cold.

She would like to put more drugs in Molly, but if that were the case, Brian would find out who was behind this. So she had to carry out her plan like this. and in this condition, when the drugs were found on Molly, everyone would be misled. Even smart as Brian, he would think it were the street dancers who hid drugs on her. Even if he didn't fully believe that such a situation happened, it would at least distract him for a few days.

"Miss Penny," the young man said, light one cigarette. Continuing, he asked, "What should we do next?"

"Go back to the headquarters first," the woman who was called Penny answered. After that, she turned around and walked to the opposite direction.

He followed, and subconsciously looked at the direction in which the police car left. Smirking, he got on the Lexus. "Miss Penny, how about asking someone to kill her in the police station?" Suddenly, his expression became deadly. "It is not difficult because there are people there that are part of our group."

Penny took a glimpse at the young ma

he young policeman was new to the city. Brian could easily decipher what he was thinking, so he did not miss any change on his facial expressions.

Just as he wanted to speak, Molly pulled his arm, as if reminding him not to. They had known each other well, so he understood what she meant. He patted her hands to suggest that he would not put the young intern in a difficult spot, and then said, "I want to meet the chief of your office."

The young policeman rolled his eyes at him. "Don't count on it. Even if you meet our big boss, it's useless."

Brian knew that "the big boss" he called was the chief of the police headquarter in A City. Hearing that, he couldn't help but sigh. "How will you know if meeting him would be useless or not? Why not just let me meet him?"

"Don't think about it, our..." The young policeman was cut in the middle of his sentence because he caught a glimpse of Brian's cold glare. Swallowing his saliva, he tried to continue, but he couldn't.

With his lips twitching, he took a deep breath and said, his eyed cast down to avoid Brian's, "Okay, let me call out chief...".

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