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   Chapter 1083 Extra Story 64 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Destiny

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5921

Updated: 2019-07-26 00:06

"To be young is really good!" she suddenly said, sighing. Internally, she felt confused. When she was a teen, she had been busy with paying her father's debts. After that, she got into a strange circle. Actually, during those years, she forgot that she was a teenager.

True, maybe it was unfavorable for her when she met Brian back then, but now, it has been proven time and time again that indeed, she had become the world's luckiest girl when she met him.

"As long as you keep being young in your heart, you will not grow old." It was rare for Brian to say something like that. With smile on his lips and a loving expression on his face, he looked at Molly and silently encouraged her to join in on the dancing party.

Upon understanding what Brian was trying to say, she earnestly shook her head and dispelled his suggestion. However, she quickly turned to him, her eyes naughty and cunning. With a playful voice, she said, "You know what? Why don't you go instead?"

Just as Molly said that, Brian burst into laughter. It was very easy for him to shoot someone, but to dance? That's really something that he couldn't do.

"Hey, guys! Come join us! Let's dance!" Suddenly, two young girls came forward, and dragged them into the dance group.

Many people were also dragged inside the circle of dancing, just like them. While they were all shy at first, all of them gradually began dancing, enjoying the music and everyone around them. Some people's dance steps may be out of sync, awkward, or what people would call "bad", but nothing could prevent them from dancing as they started to feel the music, which instantly gave them energy to move and have fun.

In a great cheer of "ooh", Molly laughed loudly. Brian just standing next to her, with his deep-set

two together?" The police officer asked when he saw them stand up slowly. The man was extraordinary, while the woman was rather ordinary. They were also dressed up well. He was a little puzzled, because he thought people like them shouldn't be involved with such things.

But then he thought that the bad guys would never outwardly show that they were bad. A man could never be judged by his appearance alone.

Molly had already understood what was happening. It seemed that the police thought that they had ketamine on them. Because of Daniel, she was not unfamiliar to it.

"Sir, is there any misunderstanding?" she asked.

The policeman took a look at Molly and sneered. "Is there any misunderstanding... You're going to the police station to explain it. Let's go." He lifted his chin impatiently, indicating to the person on by his side to take the two into the police car.

Unlike the other people, they didn't resist and instead, followed the policeman to the car quietly.

As the police car whizzed past, the crowd started thinning, dispersing slowly. Those who danced before were also taken into custody by a police bus to check whether they had drugs on them.

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