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   Chapter 1082 Extra Story 63 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Destiny

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7258

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"It seems like... Only one of us has lady luck on her side," Cora sneered, as she looked at Molly's cards.

As many factors were involved in changing the cards, Molly was convinced that Cora did not tamper with her. Taking a deep breath, she said, "I only hope that you will not disturb the life of our family after this game."

For some reason, what Molly said made Cora laugh hysterically. After getting herself together, she looked at Molly, her eyes narrowed. "Maybe... After this game, you, Miss Molly, would finally leave." She purposefully called her Miss Molly instead of Mrs. Long, as she wanted to rid her of her identity of being Brian's wife. With that, she once again laughed hysterically.

Indeed, the words that had come out of the two ladies' mouth have been nothing but full of gunpowder - explosive and dangerous. In such a gloomy atmosphere, the God of Gamblers looked at Brian suddenly and asked, "How does it feel having two women fighting over you?" As the statement was only meant for Brian, he intentionally made his voice quiet so that all the other people who were concentrated on the game would not hear anything.

With that, Brian's eyes got darker, and replied faintly, "The same as you felt about it. "

The God of Gamblers was speechless at what Brian said. Not being able to come up with a smart comeback, he just glared at Brian and stayed quiet. He also understood that being silent would lessen his chances of shooting himself in the foot. That year, because he didn't know that Shirley had gotten married, he had done ridiculous things for her. At that time, he was depressed because his wife had just passed away and when he met her, she was so kind and loved laughing. Aside from that, she extensively offered him help when she discovered that he was suffering from depression.

However, the moment he knew the truth, he knew that she met him just because she was chasing her idol. But at that point, he had already been obsessed with her for a month and had already done numerous crazy things just for her. Well, that was until Richie came along. That period of time had really been unbearable for him.

It also had been the

se he is not, and will never be yours!"

Still stunned by what happened, Cora's mouth was still opened wide. Truthfully, she was not convinced at all by what happened, but as the daughter of the God of Gamblers, she had to obey the rules that was set. As she did not catch when Molly cheated and had no evidence, she had to comply to what was agreed upon, even if she herself still was not at peace with the results.


It was truly a lovely night. The hustle and bustle in A City made the city lively, and it infected everyone in it. Luxury, as well as peaceful beauty, was everywhere.

Brian and Molly walked side by side, holding hands on the beautiful streets of the city. They didn't say anything to each other. They just quietly walked, taking in the city, and each other.

The street was filled with the sounds of people chattering, laughing together, and vehicles zooming by. At one point, Molly saw a group of people performing a dance routine and heard applauds from the onlookers.

How long had it been since they walked on a road as peacefully as now?

Molly couldn't remember. Aside from Brian not being romantic at all, he had been so busy that he had no time to walk with her like this. As hard as Molly tried to remember, she couldn't for the life of her go back to the last time they were like this. 'Maybe we haven't, and I'm actually just imagining that we did, ' Molly thought to herself, furrowing her eyebrows.

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