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   Chapter 1081 Extra Story 62 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Gamble

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"I have no objections," Cora responded. Tilting her head sideways, she glimpsed at Molly arrogantly. Then she strode to one side of the table with her head held high. She looked like a proud queen in her own territory.

She had absolute confidence in herself. With Molly as her opponent, she thought that this was just too easy for her. Since her father would make sure that Molly wouldn't cheat, she couldn't think of any reason why she would lose this game.

All the people took their respective positions. The God of Gamblers, wearing an amiable smile, announced the rules, "There will be three games in total. The one who wins two games will be the winner. Considering what you two are specialized in, all three will be poker card games. The first one will be Blackjack, the second will be Thirteen Cards and the final game will be five-card stud. Any objection?"

Neither of them had any problems. Cora knew every card game there was, but she was best at poker cards. Molly had mostly practiced poker cards. Plus, she knew that Cora specialized in poker card games, so she focused a lot on it these past few days while learning from the God of Gamblers.

"Since both of you agree." The God of Gamblers paused for effect and then continued, "Each of you will receive 10, 000, 000 chips and no more. And if all the chips were won by the other party, you also lose the battle.

Let the game begin!" Shane started to deal. Before the game, Brian had instructed him to deal normally. Shane had to treat this like a normal game. He just had to assume that it was not Mrs. Long and her rival at the gambling table in front of him.

The way he shuffled the cards was fancy. Cora kept her head low, seemingly thinking about something, while Molly couldn't take her eyes off Shane's skillful hands. In gambling, there was a technique to identify cards from its sound. Molly was exposed to this technique, but at this stage, she still hadn't mastered it.

Cora had an ambitious plan. She was thinking

teeth, she squeezed out the word "pass". Then, she revealed the card she was holding.

It was an Ace of diamonds.

If Cora had a straight to counter her, Molly would have lost. 'Lucky!' Molly thought.

Her eyes twitched; she started to feel uneasy. She didn't like gambling, but for Brian... She had to win.

"Third game. Five-card stud," Shane announced. This third game was more than a gamble of skills, it was about composure.

After the second round, Molly had won back some chips. Now, she had around 8, 000, 000 chips. This last game would decide the winner.

The God of Gamblers watched their play carefully. After a few rounds of bidding, each of them had won some rounds, and lost some as well. Both of them were waiting for the perfect chance to win everything from their opponent. And that chance came in the sixth round.

Both of them had all spades. One was holding the cards 6, 7, 8 and 9, while the other had J, Q, K and Ace. Neither of them looked at the hidden card which would dictate the winner of this round, as well as the entire game. The one with the 10 of spades would win. This had turned into a game of skills and mental strength.

"It seems that... only one of us is lucky here," Cora said, glimpsing at Molly's uncovered card. She smiled gently.

The air between the two seemed to freeze.

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