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   Chapter 1080 Extra Story 61 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Gamble

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While hugging her father's neck, Evelyn turned to Jerome and the man with the golden glasses. She squinted her eyes and pouted at Jerome, as if she was trying to provoke him.

However, before she could get her revenge on him, something happened to the Shen Family. Evelyn was a sympathetic girl, but this time, she didn't pity Jerome and his family for what they were going through.


With his hands folded across his chest, Vincent leaned against the wall. He turned his head back a little bit. Cora was packing her things. In an indifferent tone, he said, "Good to know that you have come to your senses."

Cora didn't respond, nor did she turn to look at Vincent. She continued packing her stuff.

Vincent believed that Cora had thought everything through and had finally decided to leave, because no matter what she would did, the result wouldn't change. If anything, she would just be humiliated.

But he was wrong.

Vincent knew nothing about women. Cora was just shifting to a different location. She got accommodation at a hotel near the Grand Night Casino, where she could conveniently access the casino and also prepare for her game.

When Vincent found out, he knew that she was just being stubborn. 'She is doomed, ' he thought. Despite his confidence in Brian and Molly, he still couldn't expel his worries. Even though Molly had learnt some techniques from Chester, that training had been only for less than half a year. Plus, she hadn't gambled in a long time. Meanwhile, Cora was the daughter of the God of Gamblers. She had watched the God of Gamblers play cards even while she was still in her mother's womb. Even if Shane did help her at the table—under the table, to be precise, he still felt somewhat unsure. 'Why would Mr. Long even give her this chance?' he wondered.

'But nothing could change the end result. Mr. Long is not going to give Cora any chance to win. Mrs. Long is the one who is going to win this, ' he convinced himself. But he had no idea how Brian was going to pull that off.

While Vincent was buried in his reveries, Brian l

d of any emotion, "you know where you should be heading to after today."

Clenching her teeth, Cora jeered, "It sounds like you believe that she will win."

"I do believe, and I have always believed that she will win," Brian said. "After everything we've been through together, she has my full support and trust."

His words were like a soothing hot spring to Molly's heart, while the same words served as a sharp knife to Cora, mercilessly piercing her heart.

Brian meant every word he said, but his taunting was part of his strategy to distract Cora before the game. Just a couple of words from him and Cora was already engulfed in fury. When they entered the VVIP room, they saw someone sitting opposite to the dealer. To Cora's shock, it was her father.

"To make this a fair game, the dealer is from the Grand Night Casino, and the guarantor is the God of Gamblers," Brian announced coldly. "Be it for a fair game or for your own good, Miss Ke, I hope you don't have any objection, do you?" He shot Cora a cold glance.

She didn't reply. From her facial expression, it was hard to make out what she was thinking. Her father was famous for being a righteous guarantor in the gambling circle. She knew that he wouldn't favor her because of her identity as his daughter. At the same time, he wouldn't allow Shane to do any dirty tricks even though Shane was a famous dealer.

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