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   Chapter 1079 Extra Story 60 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Gamble

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Brian heaved a short sigh. "It seems that, Mr. Shen, you don't want to settle this in a peaceful manner."

The teacher and the headmaster cowered in fear, their faces turning pale. However, Tyronn was still boiling with anger, oblivious to what was waiting for him. The headmaster's body started to tremble, but the only thing he could do was curse Tyronn for being a dumbass.

"Bang!" Tyronn thumped his fist on the table. The headmaster and the teacher looked at him in shock, while Brian continued to look indifferent.

Tyronn abruptly stood up and pointed his plump finger at Brian. He yelled, "If your son doesn't apologize to my son right away, you will have to face the consequences of his actions!"

Brian's eyebrows shot up. The dimwit in front of him was the only person to ever dare point a finger at him so arrogantly. His falcon-like eyes were sharper than usual. The headmaster thought that Brian was about to blow up. But when he spoke, his voice had an eerie calmness to it. "My son will not apologize to your son. But your son will apologize to my daughter."

He spoke very slowly, but his words were almost suffocating. Brian's narrowed eyes emitted a sharp, cold light. It froze Tyronn in his spot.

Slowly, Brian rose from his chair. He was tall and slim, while Tyronn was just the opposite—short and flabby. While Brian was handsome and muscular, his counterpart was unsightly and made up of layers of fat. They looked at each other, but didn't say anything. Tyronn seemed to have been lost for words.

What really froze Tyronn wasn't Brian's appearance, but his aura. His presence was dominating.

"What… What do you want?" He was intimidated by Brian's pressure. His anger had been pressed back into his plump body.

Glaring at Tyronn, Brian stated, "I want your son to apologize to my daughter. And I will pay the hospital bills for your son. If you don't agree, then there's nothing else to talk about."

Tyronn gulped to keep himself calm. Even though he was intimidated by the invisible aura around Brian, he tried his best not to show any fear on his face. "That's impossible!" he replied. "You have to stick to my conditions. If not, I can't promise your safety."

It was such a blatant threat from Tyronn, and the headmaster and the teacher frowned in fear and a

lips and she was still holding the packet of half-finished biscuit in her little hands. She ran to her father, worried that her brother was going to get punished for hitting Jerome.

Brian squatted down to lift his daughter up and held Charlie's hand firmly. He told the kids, "Mom has cooked a wonderful dinner for us. Let's head back and eat."

"Okay," Evelyn answered. After a pause, she said in a low voice, "I have bruises. If Mom sees them, she will be upset."

"Don't worry. These are things that you should go through when you are growing up." Brian wasn't really concerned about it.

Kids would fight and get hurt. That was fine. It was a life lesson to learn. He wouldn't forbid them from fighting; he wouldn't cover for them either. He wanted them to understand that they had to go through the hardship on their own. However, Brian hadn't taken into account that he was an inexperienced father. He may have benefited from his childhood experiences, but the same thing might just not work on his children. What had happened that day had exerted a huge impact on Evelyn's personality. She started to change from being a little girl who needed care and protection to an independent woman who was stronger than most men. Such a drastic change would be way out of Brian's expectation.

To Evelyn, the logic was simple. She believed that if she could handle her own matters, Charlie wouldn't have to fight with guys like Jerome and put himself in danger for her sake. 'I have to be stronger, ' she told herself on that day.

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